MP’s Srishti Yadav received doctor’s degree from Medical University of Ukraine: Said- war sirens used to ring twice every day, but did not lose courage

Sameer Sheikh, Barwani. Srishti Yadav, daughter of Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani, has obtained the title of “Doctor of Medicine” from the Dnipro Medical University of Ukraine in the midst of the war. People are pouring in to congratulate Srishti for this achievement.

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Dr. Srishti Yadav said that she has adapted herself to living in this war-torn country, as she has no viable option but to complete her medical degree in Ukraine, as she has not been provided with any viable option by the Government of India. There was no choice. In October last year, the fifth-year student made her way to Poland to return to Dnipro Medical University in western Ukraine. Since then she has learned to live with the war, the sound of sirens and tough conditions. “I started my final semester and opted for offline classes, though the war sirens sound at least twice every day,” said Srishty. Some of us don’t even feel the need to go to the bunkers anymore.

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Srishti Yadav said that it was not possible for her to shift to another foreign university as she was in the last stage of her studies when the war started. He claims, “Indian regulations proved helpful for first and second year students, as they could be allowed to transfer to other countries immediately. But students like us had no option but to return. Shrishty Yadav told that after studying medicine in Ukraine, after facing the horrors of war, he finally passed the National Medical Examination of Ukraine and completed his 6-year degree course and obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine on June 23, 2023.

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