MTV Roadies Winner Almost Get Injured And Died While Performing Stunts Social Media Users Commenting On Safety Purpose | This MTV Roadies Winner reached the mouth of death due to stunts! people spoke

MTV Roadies Winner Almost Died While Performing Stunt: Ashish Bhatia is currently at the peak of his career. Only last year, he has done a famous reality show in his name. Ashish Bhatia, who is enjoying his success, recently shared a video in which he was seen performing a stunt. But something was captured in this video which looks dangerous to watch. Seeing this video, the heartbeat of many fans stopped. It can be said that death has touched Ashish Bhatia.

Death came out by touching MTV Roadies Winner?
Actually, Ashish has shared a video from his Instagram, in which he is seen having fun at the swimming pool. During this, Ashish gets ready to dive and the dive turns into Gulati, as soon as Ashish falls into the water with a splash, meanwhile his head is saved from hitting the edge of the pool. While jumping into the water, the distance between the pool and Ashish’s head is less than an inch. While sharing this video, Ashish himself wrote – Just got saved. The dialogue plays in the background of the video- ‘Touch death…’

Lots of comments from fans came on the video
Seeing this video on social media, many people were seen commenting. During this, seeing this feat of Ashish, many people looked concerned for him.

Someone said – you were not hurt, then someone said – brother carefully, there was a gap of one inch only. So someone said – Brother, he is saved by breaking his head. One said – Friend, Bhatu Bi Safe, he would have gone back and forth right now… So someone wrote – Bro, only this much was saved from being hit on the head.

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