Mukesh Khanna Birthday Actor Made Shaktiman By Borrowing Money From Friends Know This Show Suddenly Went Off Air

Mukesh Khanna Birthday: TV’s Shaktimaan i.e. Mukesh Khanna was born on June 23, 1958. Apart from Shaktimaan, Bhishma has also played the role of Pitamah in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. Children of the 90s must have seen Shaktimaan in their childhood. At that time this show had a different craze, but do you know this show was produced with borrowed money.

‘Shaktimaan’ aired on DD National from 1997 to 2005. Apart from the main lead of ‘Shaktimaan’, Mukesh Khanna also produced it. He got household recognition from this show. When he decided to make this show, he did not have money for it.

The show was out of budget

Mukesh Khanna first went to Rajshree with the idea of ​​Shaktimaan. He liked this idea. After this Mukesh Khanna told Doordarshan his idea. There too he was given the green signal. However, the road ahead was not easy at all. A lot of money was going to be spent in making this superhero show, but Mukesh Khanna did not step back due to fear.

borrowed from friends
Mukesh Khanna had borrowed 8 lakh rupees from his friend Jatin Jani to make this show. Jatin asked Mukesh for 50 percent partnership, but Mukesh did not accept it. He returned Rs 16 lakh to Jatin instead of Rs 8. After this, Ambu Murarka gave 75 lakh rupees to Mukesh Ambani without interest. Mukesh returned this amount to him after two years.

borrowed from staff
Mukesh Khanna had told in an interview to Pinkvilla that he had to take money from even the staff of the serial to make the show. He told that it used to take him 4-5 days to shoot an episode. Once due to a difficult stunt, it took him 21 days to shoot an episode. Due to shooting for so many days, his budget was shaken. At that time the staff there helped him by giving money. Later the money was returned to the staff.

Why did the show stop

Although at one time Mukesh had to take a decision to close this superhit show. Many people could not understand why such a hit show was closed. Talking about this, Mukesh had told on his YouTube channel- ‘When Shaktimaan started, I used to give 3 lakh rupees to the owner of Doordarshan in return. He was not getting prime time, got Tuesday night slot and Saturday day slot. The show used to come during the day time, so the children started bunking the school, although the serial was a hit, I was not harmed. After some time I got the slot at 12 on Sundays. When the serial was a hit, the channel demanded Rs 7 lakh from me. I used to give but when he demanded Rs 10 lakh, I was not able to give that much money. Apart from the channel, I also had to watch things. I had to stop the serial after getting fed up.

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