Municipality chairman boycotted the meeting: Slogans were raised in the assembly hall, ruckus lasted for an hour, know what is the reason

Dhanraj Gawli, Shajapur. The chairman and chairman boycotted the meeting of the council on Tuesday evening in Municipal Council Shajapur. They went out of the assembly hall raising slogans against the CMO. Vice President Santosh Joshi, Leader of Opposition Ajit Mansuri and councilors present there expressed their displeasure over the attitude of the Speaker and the Chairman. He shouted slogans against the chairman of the hall for the demand of conducting the meeting. There was uproar in the assembly hall for about an hour.

Tell that in Shajapur municipality with 29 councilors, at present BJP is the president and vice-president out of 19 councillors. Despite its President and Chairman boycotting the meeting of the council and the presence of all the councilors of the opposition along with the vice president and other councilors of the BJP shows factionalism.

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Councilors accused the council
In the meeting held in the meeting room of the Municipal Council, the councilors accused the functioning of the Council. Said that it has been one year since he became a corporator, but till date not a single development work has been done in his area, due to which today the Leader of Opposition and Congress corporators lashed out at the Municipal President.

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Vice President said commission is going on
Municipal Vice President Santosh Joshi said that not a single development work has been done in the municipality in the last one year. In the last one year, the chairman has paid the old bills, in that also the chairman has taken 20-20 percent commission from the contractors. When this matter was talked to the President Prem Jain, he said that the councilors are being misbehaved by the Chief Municipal Officer Sudhir Sharma. CMO is obstructing the works of city development. Due to this, today’s meeting has been postponed, while the Speaker kept silence on the matter of the commission.

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