Mysterious death of more than 30 goats before Bakrid! Violent animal drinking blood by strangling animals tied in homes

Ajayarvind Namdev, Shahdol. These days, in Koyalanchal town of Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh, a violent animal is drinking blood by strangulation of cattle tied in people’s homes. So far, more than 30 cattle (goat-goat) have been made their prey. Troubled by the terror of the violent animal, the people of the city are protecting themselves and their cattle by keeping a vigil. Due to the mysterious death of more than 30 cattle in a week, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people.

Bakrid, the great festival of Muslims, is near. Due to which people are busy preparing for Bakrid and have bought goats and kept them in their homes. But in Dhanpuri, the coal town of the district, within a week, more than 30 goats and goats have been hunted by an unknown predatory animal. The surprising thing is that unknown predatory animals strangle goats and goats tied in people’s homes in the dark of night and drink their blood. While does not consume their flesh.

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On the night of July 31, 15 animals tied up in the house of goat businessman Farooq alias Ballu Qureshi, a resident of Kachhi Mohalla of Dhanpuri police station area, were strangled to death. Apart from this, on the intervening night of June 8-9, five goats tied in the house of Mohammad Umar of Kachhi Mohalla were found dead.

On the intervening night of Friday, four goats tied in the house of Mansoor alias Gudda Baba, a resident of Kutchhi Mohalla, became their victim by jumping over the wall. The marks of attack of some wild animal are also visible in his neck. Similarly, a similar incident has happened with two goats tied in Farooq Qureshi’s house. Traces of nails and claws of wild animals have been found on the body and walls of the animals.

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People say that the violent animal should not make people its prey. They had bought and kept a goat before Bakrid. Whom unknown animals have made their prey. Due to which they have lost lakhs. The complaint of the same matter has also been made in the Forest Department and the concerned police station. In this whole matter, Dhanpuri police station in-charge Sanjay Jaiswal says that he neither received information nor was aware of any such incident.

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