Narayan Chandel during the discussion on the motion of no confidence

Raipur. There was a lot of uproar in the Chhattisgarh assembly during the monsoon session. Leader of Opposition Narayan Chandel raised questions on law and order. During this there was a lot of uproar in the house on the incident of Biranpur. Chandel said that none of the Chief Minister, Home Minister, local MLA went to meet the victim’s family. Chandel said that it shows how sensitive the government is. There was a vigorous debate in favor and opposition as well.

During the no-confidence debate, Leader-Opposition Narayan Chandel said that there is no such thing as law and order in the state. Narayan Chandel said that the situation is worse from Surguja to Bastar. Naxal incidents have increased in Bastar. The protected tribe family is forced to commit suicide. Everywhere there is a state of distrust on the government.

In the discussion on no-confidence motion, Leader of Opposition Narayan Chandel said that the government is directionless. Took the oath of the constitution. What is the atmosphere in the state. Before the elections, hoardings were put up that it is time for change. Today the public says that it is time to repent. We have brought the no-confidence motion because the administration has become politicized and politics criminalised.

Read point by point, what else did the Leader of the Opposition say?

In Bilaspur, the sand mafia is ripping up the rivers. A twelve feet pit was dug in the Arpa river and three girls died. There is a flood of crime in the whole state. Who is giving protection to criminals?

The people of the ruling party put their hands on the collar of an IPS. The government has lost the trust of the public. The sentiments of the public were brutalised.

In Jashpur, four people of the tribe who are called the adopted sons of the President died of hunger, but the helicopter of the government did not land there. The government has lost even the distant adopted sons.

A young man committed suicide in Vadrafnagar due to lack of money for bribe. The dead body of sub-inspector Narendra Parihar was found in Bango police station. Even the police station is not safe. The barrack was found broken. The murder took place inside the police station.

Information came from Pandatrai in Kawardha that a case under Section 420 has been registered against nine people, including Firoz Khan of the Congress, and sent to jail. The representatives of the State President and MP are doing the work of recovery.

From the nails of the feet to the hairs of the head are immersed in corruption. We are not attacking the individual, we are questioning the system. Life of common man is being self messed up. Substandard medicines are being procured.

In Biranpur of Bemetara, the persons of criminal act committed murder. The father of the deceased has told the names of 22 people to the police, but till now the police has not taken any action against anyone. The victim’s family returned the money given by the government.

What did Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu say in response

Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu said that as many people have been arrested as the names given by the father of the deceased.

Narayan Chandel said that Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu did not go to Biranpur. Ravindra Choubey is the MLA there but does not even have the time to go there. The Home Minister objected to a comment by the Leader of the Opposition that his statement was wrong.

Tamradhwaj Sahu said that you are saying as if we have committed murder?
Brijmohan Agarwal said that it is not us but you yourself. When there is a murder in UP, they go there to meet him, but after the Biranpur incident, there is no time to go there.

Dharamlal Kaushik said that when the people of the society met the Home Minister.

Tamradhwaj Sahu said that the people of the society had not stopped it. What was the need to throw Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal into the fire further.

Narayan Chandel’s statement is condemnable – Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the statement given by Narayan Chandel is condemnable. If you have any facts, then put them in front. Union minister Beni had trampled a farmer’s son, so we went to UP.

Now people are scared to go out at night- Chandel

Leader of Opposition Narayan Chandel said that now people are scared to go out at night. Chhattisgarh ranks fourth in robbery, third in murder and sixth in ransom in the whole country. What is the condition of Bastar. The situation is worse than bad there. People were dying in remote villages on the other side of Indravati due to lack of treatment. The minister would have delivered the medicine to him. Naxal incidents have increased after the formation of the Congress government. Congress members expressed displeasure over the remarks made on Naxalites.

Chandel asked who ran away with the motorcycle in the Jhiram incident. The people of Bastar are in fear. More than a hundred innocent people have been killed in Bastar in the last three years. Naxalites say that their government is running in Chhattisgarh. No one can do anything to them. In the NCRB report, 55 security force personnel have died. Why are the soldiers committing suicide while on duty.

Chandel said that Jheeram’s evidence is in the pocket, so take it out. Let me know if it’s lost. Naxalites threaten the BJP leaders who live in Bastar that they will not attend the party’s programs. Won’t go to meetings. Do the Naxalites have no fear of the administration there? The workers of Bastar are being murdered.

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