Narayani Shastri Is Avoiding Doing Films Said ‘I Want To Remain The Queen Of TV’ | Narayani Shastri refrains from doing films, said

Narayani Shastri On Films: Narayani Shastri is a popular and well-known actress in the TV world. He is present in the industry since the year 2000 and during this he worked in many TV serials and also got his acting iron. Narayani is very happy with her work on TV. The ‘Piya Ka Ghar (2002)’ actress revealed in an interview that she is not at all interested in doing films and OTT at the moment.

Narayani is not interested in doing films
Narayani Shastri said, “I was never very interested in films because at the editing table you never know whether you will make it or not. If you have got a line or two left, you must be an idiot.” So, I am abstaining from films.

Narayani prefers to be TV queen rather than doing films
Narayani further added, “On TV, I always knew what my character was and what I was doing, which is a very safe zone. I would rather be the queen of my industry than play a silly role in a film. Although I also like to edit. On the other hand, I am still doing figureout regarding OTT. Because I hardly have time left for myself and my family.

have to wait for a good role
Shastri also said that waiting for a good show becomes difficult at times. She says, “Nowadays, actors have to wait to get good roles. I have waited for a year to get a good role because I can’t do anything just to work. A workaholic like me It is very difficult for a human being. This game of sitting and waiting is very difficult but you cannot do anything in it.

after a gap of 15 years Narayani is working in Saas-Bahu show
After a gap of 15 years, he decided to work in the Saas-Bahu show. Due to which they feel that this will be a refreshing change. Narayani says, “Early in my career, I did a lot of saas-bahu shows and then I drifted away from it. I have done shows of different flavors till date and that is important for me. It is very refreshing to join and play the role of a vamp in Laal Banarasi. I loved playing negative roles in Kusum (2003) and Piya Rangrezz (2015), so it is a nice change from my positive roles till now.”

Narayani’s current show is based on Varanasi
Please tell that Narayani’s current show is based on Varanasi. To this she says, “Our initial shoot took place there amidst very hot conditions but shooting on the ghats during the night was beautiful. Earlier too, I have shot for Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (2017), so I am looking forward to this.” I know the area very well.

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