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Naseeruddin Shah Unknown Facts: Naseeruddin Shah, born on 20 July 1950 in Barabanki district adjacent to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is not dependent on any identity. However, very few people can do as much struggle as he did to earn this name. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to a few pages of his life.

Naseeruddin did not go to Pakistan because of family

You will be surprised to know that Naseeruddin, who specializes in creating ruckus with his statements, stayed in India because of his family. It so happened that his father Mohammad Shah was Tehsildar. When the country was partitioned, the whole family agreed to go to Pakistan, but Mohammad Shah flatly refused to leave India. Naseeruddin first studied at St. Anselm’s School in Ajmer, after which he was sent to St. Joseph’s College in Nainital. At the same time, he did his graduation from Aligarh Muslim University.

Fell in love while studying

You will be shocked to know that Naseeruddin Shah had done his first marriage only at the age of 19. He had made Parveen, a 34-year-old Pakistani girl, his sharee-e-hayat, who studied with him at Aligarh Muslim University. Just 10 months after the marriage, Parveen gave birth to daughter Hiba. However, this relationship did not last long and she left India with her daughter. After this, Ratna Pathak entered the life of Naseeruddin Shah.

Acting was done only after the rebellion

Please tell that Naseeruddin’s father did not want his son to work in films, but Naseer, fond of acting, rebelled against him too. He enrolled in NSD and learned the tricks of acting. However, due to his normal stature, he had to face repeated rejections. Once he met filmmaker Shyam Benegal and after that Naseeruddin Shah’s acting train started on its journey.

Statements created ruckus

Naseeruddin Shah got more headlines from his statements than the accolades he got from his performance. When the controversy regarding CAA-NRC was going on in the country, at that time Naseeruddin Shah had said that I do not have any birth certificate. From where do I get the birth certificate at this age? At the same time, once he had made himself the target of trolls by praising the Mughals. There was a lot of controversy over his statement that love jihad is a farce. Apart from this, he had said during the Parliament of Religions held in Haridwar that 20 crore people will not give up just like that. He was also criticized a lot for this statement. Also, he was trolled a lot for his statement regarding the Bulandshahr violence.

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