Navya Naveli Nanda Wanted To Be Like Her Nani Jaya Bachchan In This Way Amitabh Bachchan Little Princess Love Actress Confidence

Jaya Bachchan Grand Daughter: Shweta Bachchan’s daughter Navya Naveli Nanda has been one of those kid stars on whom everyone’s eyes have always been fixed. For many years there was a ruckus about her that she would also enter the film world like her grand great family and would bring laurels to the Bachchan family. But Navya chose a new path for herself. Navya decided to become a social entrepreneur after being different from her family. This is how he started working at a young age. Even today, she is very dedicated towards her work.

What did Navya Naveli Nanda say for Nani Jaya Bachchan
Navya recently revealed about the important women in her life who are very close to her heart. These are the same women who have supported Navya at every turn of her life. According to Josh Talk- Navya told that her mother and grandmother are the ones who support her in her life. Regarding her grandmother Jaya Bachchan, Navya said that she would like to take confidence from her grandmother. He says that his grandmother is very open minded. She says that her grandmother believes that women should not be tied to the responsibilities of the house. They should be allowed to do whatever they want to do.

Navya is inspired by her grandmother Jaya
Navya further said that her grandmother inspires her a lot. She said- ‘When I was younger, I always saw my grandmother who used to manage her house herself. So I wanted to increase his confidence. If even one quality like him comes inside me, then my life is set.’

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