‘NDA is sitting with a bandage on its face’: Kiranmayi Nayak’s attack on PM Modi and Home Minister Shah regarding Manipur, said- Are you afraid of going to Manipur?

Neha Kesharwani, Raipur. Women’s commission chairperson Kiranmayi Nayak has given a big statement on the incident in Manipur. Kiranmayi Nayak said, the NDA government is sitting with a bandage on its face. The ruling MLAs in Manipur are expressing anguish, but are not taking any responsibility for the ban. If a louse crawls into the ear of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, they should take action.
The Prime Minister and the Home Minister are diverting the issue to do shallow and shallow politics. Are you scared to go to Manipur? People will beat you.

Kiranmayi Nayak further said, it is the moral responsibility to go and apply ointment on the people there. The Chief Minister of Manipur himself has accepted that 100 such incidents have happened there. The Chief Minister had to go there. Every person should be vocal and speak on this. If there is a crime against any woman in Chhattisgarh and there is no FIR or the administration has not taken action, then the central government should tell, it is an open challenge.

Let us tell you that the tenure of Kiranmayi Nayak, the chairperson of the State Women’s Commission, has completed 3 years. Satisfied with the work done during the tenure of Kiranmayi Nayak, the government has extended the term. The new term will start from today. Kiranmayi Nayak has started a new term after taking the blessings of the Chief Minister.

Women’s commission chairperson Kiranmayi Nayak has demanded the government to add ‘Chief Minister Mahtari Nyaya Rath’ in the scheme of governance. The Sexual Harassment Act 2013 should be implemented in Chhattisgarh. In Chhattisgarh, where more than 10 employees work at the workplace, it should be made mandatory to form an internal family committee. In the tenure of 3 years of Kiranmayi Nayak, 4103 cases came in which 2175 have been resolved.

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