New refrigerator’s compressor explodes in MP: The rear part of the house collapses due to the blast, the family narrowly escapes

Manoj Upadhyay, Morena. A major accident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district on Wednesday. In fact, a house collapsed due to the explosion of the refrigerator’s compressor. The sound of the explosion created panic in the surrounding area. Fortunately, no one was in the house at the time of the compressor blast. No untoward incident has happened because of this.

The incident is of Nagra Road in Dimni police station area, where Tinku Mahor had brought a new fridge two days back and had set it in his back room and went to the shop to get prasad for his happiness. He was returning from the shop, when suddenly there was a sound of blast and the rear part of his house was completely razed. There the house also caught fire. A cloud of smoke started rising in Asman, seeing which he ran to the house, after which the fire was controlled with the help of the people of the neighborhood.

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Due to the fire, 20 thousand rupees cash along with LED TV and clothes and other household items were also burnt to ashes. Fortunately, no one was present at home when the incident happened. He himself had gone to the shop, due to which his life was also saved, otherwise a big accident could have happened.

After the information, the team of Police and Revenue Department reached the spot and is assessing the loss after inspection. But the special thing is that after taking a new fridge, this type of incident comes to light, it shows somewhere that there is some error left by the company making the fridge or it has been blasted due to voltage.

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