New roster will be implemented in Bilaspur High Court from July 3, read full details…

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. A new roster is being implemented in the High Court from July 3. Under this, hearing will be held in three DBs and a total of fifteen single benches, including the Division Bench of the Chief Justice. In the new roster, ten single benches have been given the form of special benches.

On the instructions of Chief Justice Ramesh Sinha in the Chhattisgarh High Court, a new roster is being implemented again from July 3. In the First Division Bench, Chief Justice and Justice Rajni Dubey himself will hear public interest litigations, writ appeals till 2023, habeas corpus, criminal appeals till 2022.

Justice Gautam Bhaduri and Justice Sanjay Shyam Aggarwal will hear DB tax cases, commercial, civil cases of DB, criminal appeals till 2020. In the third division bench, Justice Sanjay K Aggarwal and Justice Radhakishan Aggarwal will hear all writ appeals till 2022, writ cases of DB, all criminal cases of DB. Apart from this, all the justices including the Chief Justice will hear in a single bench.

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