No school, your system is in shambles sir! School running with social concern, three classes in one room, how will children be able to build a future in such a situation?

Hakimuddin Nasir, Mahasamund. With such slogans as ‘School aa padhe bar, jingi la gadhe bar’, the education department tries to awaken the spirit of education. But when the children do not have the luck of a school building, then how will these children build their lives? Today we are going to tell you about one such school where students of three classes are being made to sit together and taught in different classes.

On one side is the building of Government Upper Primary School Kharora and on the other side is the social building of Dhivar Samaj. Both of them are telling the ground reality of the education department. The building of Government Upper Primary School Kharora was constructed in the year 2006. Which is currently dilapidated. The roof of the building is missing, debris is scattered on the ground. This is today’s situation. But for the last two-three years, the students were forced to study in this dilapidated building under the dripping water during the rainy season.

Same rote answer…

At present, 98 children of 6th, 7th and 8th are studying in this school. This year, two days before the start of the academic session, the roof of this dilapidated building was demolished and the school was shifted to the building of Dhivar Samaj. Children now have to study in three classes in the same room. Both the children and teachers of the school say that all the three classes are not being taught in the same room. It is not that the education department is unaware of all these things, but the top officials of the department have only one rote answer to this question that soon the children will get rid of the problem.

Officers sabotaging the work of government

Please inform that this is not the only school in the district whose building is dilapidated. There are 531 schools in the district whose buildings are dilapidated. The government has approved Rs 12.72 crore in three installments to repair it. Who had to repair all the schools before the start of the academic session. But due to negligence, today children have to face these problems. However, it has to be seen till when the education department is able to get the buildings repaired and the education of the children can be done smoothly.

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