Nora Fatehi Neha Dhupia Husband Ex Girlfriend Revealed About Her Depression After Her Breakup With Angad Bedi

Nora Fatehi Depressed After Breakup: Millions of fans love the very beautiful actress and dancer Nora Fatehi. At the same time, Nora Fatehi was also in love with someone. He himself had revealed about this once. Nora Fatehi had told that at that time she was cheated in love.

Her ex-boyfriend had left her and then one day she got the news of her ex’s marriage. Nora had told that after the breakup she was not able to handle herself. Not only this, Nora had become a victim of depression.

Nora Fatehi was unable to focus on career after heartbreak
This was the time when Nora was trying her best to establish herself in the industry. At that time Nora Fatehi was dating Angad Bedi. At that time the news of Angad and Nora Fatehi’s dating was also in the headlines. But then one day suddenly the paths of both of them got separated.

According to the invite only talk show, Nora Fatehi mentioned her relationship and breakup without naming Angad Bedi. She told that she has gone through a lot of pain. He had said that every girl goes through this phase of her life.

Nora Fatehi had said that she was unable to handle herself after the breakup. For 2 months she was staying locked in her house. During this, she did not even go to her work. After living in depression for two months, Nora Fatehi decided that no more. After this she started focusing on her work and today Nora Fatehi is a well-known dancer in the industry and is the life of dance reality shows.

Angad Bedi married Neha Dhupia suddenly
Let me tell you, Neha Dhupia revealed during an interview that her husband Angad Bedi had dated 75 women till now. After this, when Neha met him, immediately after that the news of their marriage came to the fore. When Neha became a bride, she was about to become the mother of Angad’s child.

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