Not only Akshay Kumar, these celebs also gave up non-veg to become God, also joined hands with this bad addiction

Stars Leaves Bad Habit: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar remains a part of the headlines these days. The teaser of his film OMG 2 has been released recently. But this film is mired in controversy even before its release. The censor board has banned the film. OMG 2 has been referred to another committee. Talking about the story of the film, Akshay Kumar will be seen as Lord Shiva in the film. Akshay has recently revealed that he has given up non-veg food for the role of  Bhagwan. 

Akshay Kumar played the character of Lord Krishna in OMG. If reports are to be believed, Akshay Kumar had given up non-veg food for the role of Krishna. Akshay’s mother had made this request to him. Actually Akshay Kumar’s mother is a devotee of Lord Krishna. She wanted her son to follow the ideals of Lord Krishna. In which eating pure vegetarian food is one. Although Akshay’s mother stays away from his films, but when Akshay told her about playing the role of Lord Krishna, she requested her son to become a vegetarian.

Dara Singh quit non-veg
Dara Singh played the role of Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. He was earlier a wrestler and his diet consisted of non-veg, eggs, but he gave up non-veg while playing the role of Hanuman. Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh told in an interview that Papa was very devoted to the character of Lord Hanuman. He used to mutter dialogues even in his sleep. Not only this, he had given up non-veg.

Arun Govil had given up cigarettes
Arun Govil played the character of Lord Ram in Ramayana. Even today people worship him like Lord Ram. Arun Govil used to smoke cigarettes but once a fan saw him smoking. After which he had given up smoking for this role.

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