‘Notes’ of conspiracy in CG: Red terror got a big blow, Jugat started spending 2 thousand notes, know then how Khaki failed the nefarious plan…

P Ranjan, Bijapur. Police took major action against red terror. This action is sure to create a stir among the Naxalites. According to the information, the Maoist organization Gangalur Area Committee was preparing to spend Rs 2,000 notes. But the police caught the young man even before spending the note. Rs 10 lakh and 80 Maoist pamphlets have been recovered from the accused.

Tell that, the police had received information from the informer that Maoist organization Gangalur Area Committee had sent some people of Gangalur area to Tractor Show Room Bijapur to buy tractors for the use of the organization in order to dispose of Rs 2000 notes. On the information of which police station Kotwali raided different tractor show rooms of Bijapur city. During this, a person started trying to run away after seeing the police. After catching whom the police interrogated and investigated, the truth came to the fore.

During interrogation, the accused told his name as Dinesh Tati, a resident of Palnar. At the same time, he also informed himself about being associated with the NGO. When the police searched the bag of the accused, 5 bundles of 2000 rupee notes were found. When the notes were counted, Rs 10,00,000 came out. Along with this, 80 Maoist leaflets were also found from the accused.

On being asked about the recovered money, he told that Rs 6 lakh has been given by Munna Hemla Palnar Janatana Sarkar President. Munna Hemla was given Rs 2 lakh from Gangalur Area Committee Incharge Dinesh Modiyam, Shanti Punem Rs 2 lakh from ACM Gangalur Area Committee and Pandru Potam (ACM) Gangalur Area Militia Command in Chief. Which was planned to be spent by buying a tractor. Action is being taken by registering a case against the accused.

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