Now social media influencers will make people aware for voting, interesting videos, reels and messages will be broadcast

Raipur. Now the help of social media influencers will also be taken to ensure that 100% voters exercise their franchise in the assembly elections. Videos, reels, interesting creatives etc. will be uploaded on various platforms of social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel etc., so that voters can be motivated to cast their vote.

The method of voting, precautions to be taken in voting and other knowledge-enhancing information will also be uploaded on these social media mediums. For this voter awareness campaign, Collector and District Election Officer Dr. Sarveshwar Bhure held a meeting with prominent social media influencers of the district and gave necessary instructions. The Collector called upon all social media influencers to cooperate extensively in the voter awareness programme. Social Media Influencers with maximum followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook participated in this meeting.

It may be noted that under the voter awareness program SVEEP, information is being given to the general public regarding EVMs and VVPAT machines for inclusive, easy and participatory elections. Electronic Voting Machine Demonstration Centers have been set up in Collectorate and all Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Offices to inform voters about EVM and VVPAT machines and voting process in polling booths.

In this Electronic Voting Machine Demonstration Center, voters are being made to exercise their vote by pressing the button of the voting machine. EVMs are being promoted in all polling stations. Information about Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail ie VVPAT system is also being given. Voters are being told that a slip of paper is made immediately after casting their vote. The name and election symbol of the candidate for whom the vote is given is printed on this slip. After the voter sees this slip on the screen of VVPAT for 7 seconds, it gets cut and falls in the box of VVPAT.

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