On Kaun Banega Crorepati A Contestant Refused To Accept Shah Rukh Khan As An Actor

Shahrukh Khan Viral Video: Shahrukh Khan rules every heartbeat of the country. The actor has reached here with a lot of struggle by giving many superhit films. Every co-star praises his personality. Along with films, Shahrukh has also tried his hand at reality shows. He hosted season 3 of the superhit show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. During this, something happened that till today no one has forgotten. In fact, during the show, a female contestant refused to consider Shahrukh as a good actor. Even that woman refused to hug Shahrukh. Seeing which everyone was surprised. Later Shahrukh also did something that made everyone laugh.

‘I watch your films and don’t consider you an actor’
These days an old video clip of Shahrukh has been shared on Rapid. In which a contestant who reached KBC 3 is seen saying to Shahrukh, ‘I watch your film and I still do not consider you an actor and I have no interest in hugging you in this show.’ Everyone was surprised to hear this answer of the woman. Shahrukh did not say anything during this. Although he also looked disappointed during this.

I think I’ve never seen a host tackling a rude contestant like this. SRK as they say is incredibly adept with words and attitude.
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Shahrukh replied like this
Shahrukh Khan did not say anything during that time, but after the woman won a certain award, instead of giving her the award, Shahrukh gave it to her mother. After winning the award, SRK said to the woman, ‘You will mind if I give this check to your mother on my behalf, because she will definitely hug me.’ The woman agreed with SRK’s statement. Sharing this video on Rapid, SRK’s swag has been described.

On this post, King Khan’s fans are expressing their great displeasure towards that woman, while some people are in support of the woman and are saying that every woman does not wish to hug celebrities. On the other hand, talking about King Khan’s work front, the actor is currently busy promoting the film ‘Jawan’ releasing on September 7. Apart from this, he is also shooting for his next film ‘Danki’ to be released this year.

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