On the legal warning of the company, the Congress threatened to uninstall, asked questions, the Home Minister said – Apologize to the Congress

Bhopal. Digital payment app Phone Pe (Phone-pe) has also landed in the ongoing poster war between BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The company also warned the Congress of legal action. Now Congress has asked some questions from the phone while tweeting. Accused of taking bribe through phone pay. Along with this, threatened to uninstall PhonePe. Now Narottam Mishra, while attacking Congress for threatening, said that Congress should apologise.

What did the Congress write in its tweet

dear phone pe team

  • Which poster or banner are you talking about, please mention/clarify, make public.
  • Is PhonePe also responsible for the use of money transferred under it?
  • Will you monitor the usage/misuse of PhonePe in future and ensure that money transferred through your app is never used for bribery or corruption.
  • Will you certify that there is no corruption in Madhya Pradesh, and if so, what is its rate? Bribe is not taken in Madhya Pradesh through your app.
  • Has any of your office bearers not had any dialogue with any BJP leader/Government in the last 7 days?
  • Please come with clarity and transparency otherwise this tweet of yours will be counted as politically motivated and aimed at benefiting a particular party and legal action will be taken against you.
  • National President of Youth Congress Srinivas Biwi also threatened to uninstall PhonePe from millions of phones.

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Congress MLA warned

Congress MLA Kunal Chowdhary said that bribe is being taken through Phone-pe. Where is the money coming from. This should be clarified. The public and workers have put up these posters. MLA Kunal Chowdhary has warned the phone pay company. If this continues, people will uninstall PhonePe. PhonePe does not need any political interference. Don’t talk here and there, neither try to scare the public, nor be afraid of the government itself.

PhonePe’s entry in poster war: Company asks MP Congress to remove posters with its logo, warns of legal action

Congress should apologize on phone

The Home Minister has attacked Congress for threatening Phone-pe. Narottam Mishra said that Congress should apologise. One is theft from above. PhonePe is not made for Congress. Made for single number money transaction. It is not made for black money people. You will not understand. First you used people, now you are threatening. There are arrangements for UPI. It is not for such acts. Should apologize on this, you are threatening him.

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