Open pole of claims of development: Ambulance could not reach the village due to lack of road, carrying the pregnant woman on the shoulder, the relatives reached from the rocky mountain to the main road

Anoop Dubey, Katni. Even though the government makes lakhs of claims of providing benefits of development and schemes from one end to the other in the state, but the picture from Katni district is proving them to be hollow. The 108 ambulance that reached here to pick up a pregnant woman when she was having labor pain could not reach the village due to lack of road. Due to which the family took the pregnant woman to the ambulance after walking several kilometers on marshy mud and stony roads with the help of a doli. After which he could be taken to the hospital.

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The dependent tribal village of Gaura Gram Panchayat, which comes under Dhimarkheda Janpad Panchayat of the district, is situated on top of Gauri mountain. Due to lack of road from the main road to the village, the family members were forced to take the pregnant woman for treatment with the help of a palanquin. Same is the condition of the children studying here. School children are coming out of the rocky path risking their lives. There is also a problem of drinking water in the village.

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There is no facility of school, anganwadi, road, ASHA worker in Karaundi, a dependent village of Kachnari Gram Panchayat. When the health of the old man of the village deteriorated, he was seen being taken to the hospital with the help of a carrying bag. Wherein the school children walk through the marshy road to reach the school with slippers in their hands. Similarly, in Rojhan, a dependent village of Gram Panchayat Bhamka, the villagers are facing difficulties in transportation due to lack of road and bridge facilities. School children have the most problems in going to school and pregnant women.

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