Opposition to ‘Adipurush’: Minister’s son alleges – Ravana was glorified more than Shriram in the film

Ajay Sharma, Bhopal. Protest against the film Adipurush has started in Madhya Pradesh. Youth leader Akash Singh Rajput has protested against the ban on the release of the film. He believes that Sanatan Dharma is being played with in the name of the film. Due to which the youth leader has opposed the screening of the film.

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Akash Rajput is the son of cabinet minister Govind Singh Rajput. In fact, Adipurush, a film based on Ramayana, with which Rajput along with his family and residents went to watch the film with great enthusiasm. But after watching the film, he strongly condemned the film. Said that the film is playing with the character of our Sanatan Dharma and adorable Lord Shri Ram.

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The character of Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Shriram has been shown very weak in the film. Along with this, the clothes of Janaki Mata were also not taken care of in the picture. Ravana who according to Ramayana was about to follow unrighteousness. His glorification has been done more than Lord Shri Ram Raghav. This film is an attack on our children, youth and society.

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