Our Bastar was not like this! To get more income and early yield, injections are being given to milch animals along with vegetables, know how fatal their consumption can be?

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. Now the people of Bastar have also started injecting vegetables. The use of which in increased quantity is preparing the vegetables quickly or ahead of time. In order to increase the production, the use of injection of oxytocin is increasing day by day in Bastar. Those who eat it are suffering more harm than the vaccine of oxytocin. This is affecting the health of the people.

What is oxytocin injection?

Oxytocin injection is used to initiate or improve contractions during the labor process of women. It is also used to reduce bleeding during child birth. Which is now being planted in vegetables. People have started using oxytocin injection to get more yield in okra, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, gourd, cabbage, watermelon, cucumber, brinjal and other vegetables.

Farmers’ own argument

On the condition of anonymity, a farmer said that what to do, before the time for vegetables from the metropolitan cities, vegetables come to be sold in the market and people buy them by paying a higher price. It takes time to prepare our vegetables due to indigenous technology. We also have to use injections under compulsion.

This is how to identify injected vegetables

There will be no smell in it at all because cucumbers are long and thick. There is a possibility of getting injected in them which makes the vegetables shiny. Avoid consuming and buying them.

What do people say?

Regarding the use of injections, people say that such injections should be banned and they should be given only to hospitals. Those which are useful for humans and not for increasing milk for vegetables, crops, fruits and animals. The government should take it into consideration because it is a matter related to public health.

What do doctors and officers say?

CMHO Dr. RK Singh says that people are now injecting oxytocin to increase the yield of vegetables and to produce more milk to animals. Which is very dangerous for humans. Such injections should never be given in drug stores without doctor’s prescription. So that there is no messing with human health.

Horticulture Department official Lokeshwar Prasad says that many people have started using injections. Which is harmful for health. In its place, if they put country manure, vermicompost and good water, then the crop will be good and health will also be good. The price of such fruits and vegetables will also be more than the hybrid. We are also motivating many farmers to produce fruits and vegetables with indigenous technology.

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