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Seema Haider-Sachin Love Story: There is no limit to love. People go through a lot for the sake of love. Same thing has been done by Seema who came from Pakistan. She has come to India by crossing the border for her love Sachin. Seema left the country for the sake of her love, changed her religion and now she wants to stay in India with Sachin and her children, she does not go back to her country Pakistan. Since what Seema has done for her love, everyone is calling her Tara Singh of Gadar. Giving the title of female Tara Singh regarding Seema.

Just like Sunny Deol goes to Pakistan for the sake of his wife and child in Gadar, Seema has also done the same. In Gadar, Tara Singh goes to Pakistan illegally and after that we all know how he fights for his love there. Seema has done exactly the same. She was living in a rented house near Sachin’s house in Noida for the last two months. When the police came to know about this, after that their love story came in front of everyone.

Such is the love story
Sachin and Seema’s love story started with playing PUBG game. Both of them got to know each other while playing the game and then this friendship turned into love. Both became so crazy in each other’s love that they started feeling that they would not be able to live without each other. And after that Seema came to India illegally with her four children.

Female Tara Singh is Seema Haider
Gadar’s director Anil Sharma called Seema as female Tara Singh. He said in an interview that Seema is the female version of Tara Singh. She has a lot of courage that she came here regardless of anyone. He must have got courage after seeing Gadar. If they can do it then why can’t I.

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