Patwari Recruitment Exam Controversy in MP: Factual information released by the government, BJP said- Slap of truth on every lie of Congress

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. Ever since the results of the Patwari recruitment exam came out in Madhya Pradesh, there have been allegations of forgery in the exam. Due to which politics has also started in the state. Congress has accused the Shivraj government of scam, so the students have also come on the streets alleging rigging in the examination. Meanwhile, factual information has also been given by the government regarding the Patwari exam. Regarding the questions arising in the Patwari exam, BJP spokesperson Narendra Saluja tweeted and wrote – Know the truth of Patwari exam….The slap of truth on every lie of Congress!

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Saluja kept the government’s side by tweeting

Lie- How did 7 out of 10 toppers come from the same exam center?

Truth- Those who have topped did not give the exam in the same shift..all have given the exam in different shifts, have given the exam on different days.

Lie- Why are there more students of Gwalior in the top-20?

Truth- In Gwalior only 5% people have passed in this exam, in Bhopal a total of 42% people have passed. The question of more or less is absurd.

Lie – Why did the toppers sign in Hindi?

Truth- Signing in Hindi how it is decided that he has passed without qualification.. Is it a crime to sign in Hindi?

Lie – Those who signed in Hindi got 25 out of 25 marks

Fact- Not a single student got 25 out of 25 marks.

Lie- The company from which the exam was conducted is blacklisted

Truth- The company which Congress is calling blacklisted.. it is the most prestigious agency of the country, which has conducted entrance exams like IIT and NEET.

Along with this, he wrote that be rest assured, there has been no disturbance in the Patwari recruitment examination. Congress is only misleading the youth.

Let us tell you that 7 students from the same college have topped the Patwari recruitment exam. Due to which questions are arising in this matter. Many Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi have also raised this issue. Due to which this matter is getting hot in the politics of the state.

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