PIL of former minister Rajesh Munat dismissed, know the whole matter…

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. High Court Bilaspur has rejected the PIL filed for banning Anupam Garden, Youth Hub near Rajkumar College, Green Corridor and Vending Zone in Raipur. This petition was filed by former minister Rajesh Moonat.

In fact, Rajesh Moonat had filed a PIL to ban the Youth Hub, Green Corridor and Vending Zone being built near Anupam Garden, Rajkumar College, Raipur. He argued that the said Youth Hub was against the Green Corridor Development Plan, 2011 (Revised Plan, 2021).

During the hearing of the matter in the High Court, it was told that the work of Youth Hub Green Corridor has been completed in May, 2023. On this basis the PIL has been dismissed. In this case, Advocate General Satish Chand Verma and Advocate Animesh Tiwari appeared on behalf of Raipur Smart City and the government.

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