Plant of ‘death’ in CG: UltraTech Cement Plant sacrificed another laborer, management is dealing with life, will it take life or will it be a police hunter?

Arvind Mishra, Balodabazar. In the Ultratech Cement Plant established in the district, the lives of laborers are being openly played with. Instead of work in the plant, laborers are being given death. A laborer has died again in this plant. Now the question is arising whether the management will again bid for his death on the basis of money.

It is being told that during the work, iron fell on the laborer from a height of 100 feet, due to which he was seriously injured. After the incident, he was taken to a private nursing home in Balodabazar and was referred to Raipur from there. Where the laborer has died. At the same time, after the accident, the officials of the UltraTech Cement plant tried to suppress it throughout the day. After the death, now an official of the management has confirmed the incident.

In fact, while confirming the incident, SP Deepak Jha told that the incident took place in the afternoon. The name of the laborer is Karthik Orang, a resident of West Bengal. A heavy iron object fell during the work. The incident is being investigated.

Accident after accident in the plant

Let us tell you that a laborer had died in this under-construction UltraTech Cement plant a few days back. After that, 3 laborers died in the Hirmi plant and today again an accident has taken place, from which it is clear that the plant is being grossly negligent regarding safety.

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