Playing with people’s lives: drain being built over the tap pipeline, risk of diarrhea in the city

Sanjay Manikpuri, Sarangarh-Bilaigarh. People’s lives are being played with in the name of development in the city. In urban areas, drains are being constructed over domestic tap connections for a few commission money. The connivance of the officer and the contractor has increased the risk of diarrhea and filariasis in ward number 5.

In fact, most of the work going on in the municipal area is unique, there are no rules and regulations here. We are talking about Ward No. 5 of Sarangarh Municipality, where tap water pipes have already been laid for common people to drink pure water. At the same time, a drain has been made over the tap water pipe and for taking tap water connection, the connection is being given by piercing the drain.

This matter seems to be exposing the municipality somewhere and the lives of the common people are being played with. According to the health department, diarrheal outbreaks and other diseases are spreading in most of the places in the city due to these reasons. Last year there were 987 cases of diarrhea.

On the other hand, if the deputy engineer of the department Uttam Singh Kanwar is to be believed, a drain has been constructed over the pipeline due to lack of space. A new pipeline will be laid in the area. In this way, the municipality is once again planning to elect lakhs to the government. These officers love to benefit the contractors more than the lives of the people.

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