PM Modi’s meeting will be held in Raipur on July 7: DGP Juneja took a meeting of officers regarding security arrangements, 2 thousand policemen will be deployed in the city

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the gathering on July 7 at the Science College ground in the capital. In view of the PM’s visit, elaborate security arrangements have been made in the city. Around 2000 local police personnel will be deployed on duty along with SPG. DGP Ashok Juneja gave guidelines by taking a meeting of senior officers. IG and SP range officers of different districts across the state were present in the meeting.

Preparations are being made for the program at the Science College ground. At the same time, strict security arrangements have been made. About 2000 local police personnel will be on duty along with SPG, in which the duty of 200 policemen has been deployed near the helipad. More than 1600 policemen will be deployed at the venue. More than 50 SPG officers have been deployed at the airport, railway station and bus stand. Additional SP, DSP rank officers from various districts have also been called to the capital for security. Instructions are being given to the police personnel at the Science College ground meeting level regarding security arrangements.

Giving information about the meeting, IG Ajay Yadav said that continuous meetings are being held regarding the stay of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And today DG sahib has taken a meeting. This meeting has been held to ensure that the Prime Minister’s program can be conducted smoothly. Sufficient amount of force has been applied. The duty of an in-charge level officer has been engaged. A large number of police and SP, ASP rank officers are engaged. More than 150 inspectors have been engaged. Altogether, we have deployed a force of one and a half thousand.

IG Yadav said, if Raipur police asks for additional resources, that too will be arranged. A meeting is also being held with the political party and political programme. We are diverting routes based on where they will bring the crowd. This is a VVIP event. There is no negligence scope of any kind in this. We have told all the parking points that remain.

He told, at which place his vehicle is coming and at which place to keep it, will be under the process. Today it will be finalized. After this, if they make any mistake, they will not listen at that time. will be processed. The city police will remain at different places. Along with that the points of the city have to be covered. There is a very important program for the next 3 days. Sufficient amount of preparation has been done.

This is the full schedule of PM Modi

The complete schedule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program has been released. According to the released schedule, PM Modi will reach Raipur at 10:10 am. Will leave for Science College Ground from Raipur Airport at 10:15. Will reach University Ground at 10:35. Will leave for the venue from the helipad at 10:40 am. After this, PM Modi will gift various development works to the people of the state from 10:45 am to 11:20 am. Not only this, he will also lay the foundation stone of many development works. Will address the general meeting from 11:30 am to 12:10 pm. Will leave for Gorakhpur in UP from Raipur airport at 12:50 pm.

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