Political taunt on alliance: MP Sunil Soni attacked opposition parties, said – this is a group to avoid IT and ED

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. MP Sunil Soni has taken a dig at the opposition parties coming together. MP Soni said, there is a group to avoid income tax and ED. This group who looted the money of the state and the country. Prime Minister Modi has said,
No one can scare Modi. The PM has decided, neither will I eat nor will I let you eat. Action will be taken against those who are looting the country’s money. ED and IT will win.

Sunil Soni further said, heard that the corrupt will be brought inside. The person who is honest will sleep peacefully.
The public is knowing why the group has been formed. Can’t mislead the public anymore. 2024 is for new India, self-reliant India, Swadeshi India.

On the matter of Rahul Gandhi, Sunil Soni said, if you had given up arrogance and pride, this situation would not have come now.
You took your own decision on the basis of arrogance and pride, now you are wandering from door to door.

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