Political tussle over the manifesto in CG: Former Minister Netam taunted Minister Singhdev for not being in the manifesto committee, said – he has understood that the public has been cheated

Satyapal Singh Rajput, Raipur. Former minister Ramvichar Netam has taunted Minister TS Singhdev’s statement of not being in the manifesto committee of the Congress. Former minister Ram Vichar Netam said that TS Singhdev, who was the chairman of the manifesto committee of the Congress, now does not want to be the chairman of the manifesto committee, let alone a member. Singhdev has understood that, with what face will he go among the public, the public has been cheated. Congress has formed the government by cheating. Declaration has not been followed. The promise has been made counterproductive.

Ramvichar Netam further said, it was said in the manifesto that the manifesto would be implemented within 24 hours. But till now it has not been implemented. The public has been duped. In the name of employment, in the name of regularization, in the name of unemployment allowance, in the name of housing, the promise has been made counterproductive.

He further said, TS Singh Dev was Panchayat minister, but he resigned from his department. It was written in the resignation letter that 16 lakh families were to be given houses, which have not been given. The central government had given money for housing, but the state government did not give its share of money and poor families of Chhattisgarh did not get houses.

At the same time, Netam said, this time BJP is forming the government in Chhattisgarh. To form the government, the promise of the Congress government is enough. The BJP government is forming them on this issue.

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