Political war on INDIA: Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdev’s attack on PM Modi, said – Denying what is written in the Constitution, the case of treason…

Raipur. A big statement of Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdev has come to the fore on PM Modi’s statement regarding INDIA. TS Singh has described PM Modi’s statement as an indicator of pseudo mentality. He also said that after the independence of the country, many scholars made the constitution through the Constituent Assembly. What are his words “Bharat that is India”. When India keeps that place in our constitution, you are talking about that. Whether a case of treason is made or not.

Further TS Singhdev said, you are denying what is written in our constitution. How is the Prime Minister in our country? What kind of ruling party is sitting in the country? This is very unfortunate, it should be taken into consideration. If no one else takes it then the Supreme Court should take cognizance and take action.

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