Politics of MP: Congress leader Phool Singh Baraiya apologized, expressed regret for the statement against the Home Minister, said this about washing the feet of Scindia and CM…

Karn Mishra, Gwalior. Congress leader Phool Singh Baraiya has expressed regret over the statement given against Home Minister Narottam Mishra. Baraiya said that he had given a challenge to Narottam Mishra that if he has the guts, he should show it by winning in front of him. According to Baraiya, the challenge that was given by taking his father’s name is said in our colloquial language. I want to say that his father is my father, everyone is worshipable. If he has felt bad about this, then I express my regret, his father is my father, everyone’s father is worshipped.

Scindia now in fascist party

Regarding Scindia’s participation in the Dalit conference, it was said that- Scindia may say that he is with Dalits but no Dalit says that he is with Scindia. Secular Dalit society will no longer get trapped in the clutches of fascist parties. He is now in the fascist party.

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blacken your mouth

Today 80 percent of the public has come in the mood to remove BJP. I am going among the public, according to the atmosphere which is visible, I can say with a claim. If Bharatiya Janata Party wins even 50 MLAs, then Phool Singh Baraiya will blacken his face standing in front of Raj Bhavan.

the rat is getting ready

On the direct incident and CM’s washing of feet, Baraiya said that – If the cat calls the rat to wash its feet, then it also washes its feet, it does not mean that the rat is saved. The rat is prepared that it is sure to be a victim.

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