Politics on Patna meeting of opposition parties: Shivraj said to the opposition – snakes, monkeys and frogs, Kamal Nath retaliated, said – we will become the people’s monkey army

Shabbir Ahmed, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a jibe at the meeting of opposition parties in Patna. He said that the way snakes, monkeys and frogs climb a tree when there is a flood, so is the condition of the opposition. He also said that all the opposition gathered in Patna. There too, not opposition unity but their main issue was the marriage of Rahul Gandhi. At the same time, Kamal Nath has also hit back at CM Shivraj on this.

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Shivraj has broken the limits of words: Kamal Nath

Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Kamal Nath hit back at Shivraj and said that Shivraj ji, today once again you have broken the limits of words in politics. You called the opposition snake, frog and monkey. For the last several days, you have been using abusive words and low level language. This language and this feeling of yours is creating hatred towards you in the public. When you call us snakes, the public will consider us as Lord Shiva’s necklace. When you call us monkeys, the public will consider us as the monkey army of Lord Ram who destroyed Lanka for Ravana’s sins. You keep abusing but we will not leave the path of truth and dignity. Also pray to God to give you wisdom and tolerance.

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Shivraj compared with frog, snake, monkey

Shivraj compared the meeting of the leaders of the opposition to animals. He said that when there is a heavy flood, many animals sit on a tree to save their lives. You will see on the same tree there are frogs, snakes and monkeys too because there is flood water below. There is such a flood of support and popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji that everyone is trying to climb a tree but Modi ji is the most popular leader of the world. In fact, leaders of more than 15 opposition parties held a meeting in Patna on Friday. The main issue was to contest the next year’s Lok Sabha elections with a joint strategy against the BJP. Shivraj has targeted the opposition on this matter.

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Opposition unity targeted against Modi

Shivraj said that I think there is a conclusion about the unity of the opposition. I have heard that Lalu Yadav is saying that your mother complains a lot, that you are not getting married, get married, become a bridegroom, we will come in the procession. Who is that bridegroom, where is the wedding procession, its whereabouts are not known.

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