Politics on UCC in MP: Minister Bhupendra Singh supported Uniform Civil Code, said – government will not bow down to fundamentalists

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. In Madhya Pradesh, the issue of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) ie Uniform Civil Code is hot. Congress MLA Arif Masood said that we will strongly oppose the Common Civil Code. We will not allow the Constitution to be ruined. This is election propaganda to destroy the country. Now Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh has given a befitting reply to this statement of Masood. He said that the government will not bow down before the fundamentalist forces.

Preparation to bring ‘Uniform Civil Code’ in Madhya Pradesh also: Committee may be formed before elections, cabinet minister made a big statement

Supporting this, Minister Bhupendra Singh said – People’s suggestions have also been invited by the government regarding Uniform Civil Code in our country. Many states have also taken decisions regarding Uniform Civil Code and every citizen of the country wants that there should be a Uniform Civil Code in the country. Be it Arif Masood, be it Azhar Masood. No matter how much the Congress opposes, but every citizen of the country wants that there should be a Uniform Civil Code in the interest of the country, those who are threatening. I want to say to people like Arif Masood that similar things some people used to say about the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir that there will be blood on the streets. Holi of blood will be played. And we all saw that the people of the country put faith in the Prime Minister of our country. That’s why this government is not going to be afraid of these threats.

The process of consultation on the Uniform Civil Code started again, the Law Commission sought opinion from public and religious organizations…

The minister said that every Muslim country also has a uniform civil code law. That’s why there is no justification for protesting in India. The fundamentalist people who talk like this talk about harming the Muslim society itself. Muslim society could not move forward in development. Muslim fundamentalists only do this conspiracy. If Uniform Civil Code comes, Muslim society will also get benefit in development. That’s why the government is not going to bow down before the fanatics. The Bharatiya Janata Party government will not allow the conspiracy of the Congress to succeed.

Congress MLA Arif Masood said- these forces are weakening the country

Congress MLA from Bhopal’s central seat, Arif Masood said about the Common Civil Code (UCC) – We all will oppose this decision and will oppose it with full force. I will appeal to the Law Commission that all the people who believe in the constitution, who feel that the constitution of Babasaheb should be preserved. Everyone should come forward for that. For that, not only the Muslim community, all sections should come forward. Masood said- These are the forces which want to weaken the country. People of all religions have different traditions, their own different systems. How would this be possible? This will not be possible in any way. We consider those who made the constitution more knowledgeable than ourselves.

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