Pooja Bhatt And Mahesh Bhatt Never Completed Their Schooling Revealed On Bigg Boss OTT 2

Pooja Bhatt Revealed In Bigg Boss House: Pooja is mesmerizing everyone in Bigg Boss house with her style, Pooja Bhatt speaks inside the house as much as she needs to. Pooja often seems to create harmony between the tu-tu main-main of the contestants, but if someone does not take her opinion, she leaves it and remains chill.

Recently, Pooja Bhatt revealed a big thing about her studies in Bigg Boss. Pooja Bhatt said that her father Mahesh Bhatt and she had dropped out of school. Pooja will be seen revealing about this in the upcoming episode of the show.

What did Pooja Bhatt say?
While talking to one of her fellow contestants in Bigg Boss house, Pooja will say that education and degree have nothing to do with each other, there is no sensible manner. According to Pooja- A degree can reflect a person’s education, but cannot define, nor can tell his ability.

He said- ‘Both my father and I are school dropouts, but this thing indicates that degree and education do not relate to each other.’ However, he told that his excellent command in English is due to his Parsi Institute.

Let me tell you, no one knew about Pooja Bhatt that she has also come to participate in the show as a contestant, in the premiere of the show, Salman told in a very interesting way that Pooja is the thirteenth contestant of the show who will go inside the house. Earlier, Pooja used to judge the rest of the contestants of the show by sitting in the judging panel. In such a situation, according to the rest of the contestants living inside the house, she is seen on a different level. Although Pooja has been claiming that she is surviving on the show like a common contestant.

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