Poster politics in MP: Posters put up before Priyanka’s tour, wrote- ‘Smile, you are in Madhya Pradesh’, Home Minister Narottam Mishra released the video and asked many questions

Sudhir Dandotia, Bhopal. Unique posters have been put up to welcome Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra Gandhi before her visit to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. It is written in the posters all over the city – smile Priyanka, you are in Madhya Pradesh. Such posters have been put up at various square intersections of the city. The achievements of the state’s BJP government have been mentioned in the poster. Different slogans have been written in the poster.

Smile Priyanka Gandhi ji, you are in Madhya Pradesh, where there are 45 lakh Ladli Lakshmi. Dear sister is getting 1000 rupees. The government is giving money for loan interest waiver, not the bluff of loan waiver to the farmers. Poverty has decreased the most. The growth rate is 19.76%. Unemployment allowance is not a hoax but a learn earn scheme. Schemes are not getting closed but getting better. Daughters are not burdens, they are goddesses. Lakhpati daughter is being born from Ladli Laxmi Yojana. Elders are now doing pilgrimage by air travel.

Minister Sarang taunted about the tour

Politics has also started regarding Priyanka Vadra’s visit to Gwalior. A big statement of Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang has come to the fore. Said- Congress leaders start roaming as soon as the elections come. Elections over and Congress leaders missing. Rahul and Priyanka pretended to have darshan of Baba Mahakal earlier also. Mai Narmada Maiya’s Ulti Aarti. Now once again Priyanka is visiting for political stunt. There is no place for Congress in Madhya Pradesh. It would have been better if Priyanka had gone to the dear sisters’ house. Used to see the works of women empowerment in Madhya Pradesh. Thanks to the government for the better condition of sisters and women. It would have been better if Priyanka, dear sister, would have also participated in the celebration.

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