Posters filled with slogans of betrayal against Scindia on Priyanka Gandhi’s visit, police removed it, then Congressmen created ruckus

Karn Mishra / Bhupendra Singh, Gwalior. Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is on Gwalior tour today. Before his visit, a poster was put up against Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia with slogans full of betrayal. This poster was put up in front of Rani Laxmi Bai Samadhi Sthal. The poster which has been removed by the police. Police has removed the banner in the name of blocking the way of the party. On which the Congressmen created a ruckus. The police have been accused of removing the posters under pressure from the BJP. Priyanka Gandhi has reached this tomb.

Dacoit Malkhan Singh reached to meet Priyanka

Malkhan Singh Dadda, who was a notorious dacoit in the ravines of Chambal in the 80s in the Chambal region and adjoining states, has arrived in Gwalior to attend the program of Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. His intention is that the way he fought against injustice while being a dacoit, now he has made up his mind to fight against the BJP. In such a situation, he says that today he is standing alive only because of Congress. The biggest contribution in this is from former Chief Minister late Arjun Singh and former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi. Inspired by whose ideology, he had surrendered.

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Rajiv Gandhi had given a congratulatory letter

During that time Rajiv Gandhi had given him a congratulatory letter. Taking whose memories former bandit Malkhan Singh Dadda wants to meet Priyanka Gandhi. Want to tell how people are suffering from corruption, hooliganism and inflation in the present BJP rule. Although he has not yet cleared the situation regarding joining the Congress party, but there are definitely indications that he may join the Congress soon.

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