Power Center: Clever collector…another ‘IAS’…one was ‘GP Singh’…planning to ‘deal’…danger zone…three factions of BJP…- Ashish Tiwari

crafty collector

IAS officers have started feeling that the amount they can make while doing collection is less. Anyway, it is said in bureaucracy that after collectorate only Babugiri has to be done. However, many officers collect whole curd from a drop of sourdough even in this Babugiri. However, the discussion has been buzzing about the collector posted in one district. The discussion is related to the land of the tribals. Many collectors in the state have done the work of giving permission to sell tribal land to non-tribals. It is obvious that this collector did not do anything new, but this sir has gone one step ahead of other collectors. First tribal land was allowed to be sold to a non-tribal and later some land was transferred in his name. There is great power in the ‘ink’ of the pen of the collectors. The work which ‘PM’ and ‘CM’ cannot do, a ‘DM’ can do. These collectors were clever, they showed their cleverness.

Another ‘IAS’

After Sameer Vishnoi, Ranu Sahu got caught by ED. ED and Ranu kept teasing each other for months. The questioning went on. There were speculations, but Ranu kept on surviving. This time the ED did not give a chance. Suddenly raided the government bungalow. He was thoroughly interrogated and was arrested the next day and produced in the court. Asked for remand for 14 days, but the court granted three days. It is being said that ‘BJP’ has a big hand behind Ranu Sahu’s arrest. Many BJP leaders were engaged in this ruckus for months. The state’s bureaucracy is in a quandary after two IAS officers came under the scanner of the ED in the Coal case. On the other side the IAS conclave started, on the other side action was taken. It is obvious that there will be a lot of discussion among the officers on this arrest in the conclave.

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One was ‘GP Singh’

On the recommendation of the state government, the central government gave compulsory retirement to the suspended IPS GP Singh. GP Singh was in trouble in the eyes of the government because of his antics. He was taken into custody by the EOW in the disproportionate assets case. Entered jail. Released on bail after months. For this IPS of 1994 batch, it was said that he can make a record of becoming DGP for a long time in the state, but the law of the law was something else. Karma got in the way. The ground of compulsory retirement made by the State Government in the recommendation sent to the Center came under the ambit of compulsory retirement, so this time the Center also did not delay. GP Singh did not get sympathy even from his own community. An officer says that even if he had done something like sympathy, he would have met the fraternity. Prior to GP Singh, KC Aggarwal and Rajkumar Dewangan were also given compulsory retirement by the central government on the recommendation of the state. KC Aggarwal had gone to CAT against this decision. There the decision came in his favor. Service was restored. It is said that KC Aggarwal used to prick the eye of a high official, so compulsorily retirement was recommended on the basis of a years old complaint. From the system to the government, information about each and every flower blooming in the courtyard of Devangan was known. The talk of him getting relief was meaningless. Well, it is being said that GP Singh can take the stand of court or CAT against this decision of the Centre. The Supreme Court had also made strong remarks regarding GP Singh, who is surrounded in the case of disproportionate assets, in such a situation, it does not seem that there will be immediate relief from CAT or the court. At present, it is being said in the police fraternity of the state, there was one ‘GP Singh’.

‘Settlement’ planning

When Premsai Singh Tokam was sent off from the cabinet, he became very angry. In his statement, he didn’t even shy away from saying that ‘I didn’t resign, I was asked’. By making him the chairman of the State Planning Commission, the Chief Minister removed this pain of his. The Chief Minister has been the chairman of the State Planning Commission, it was necessary to amend the rules and regulations, so a bill was brought in the assembly. BJP MLAs took a lot of taunt on this. Brijmohan Agarwal asked, what will Premsai ji plan in the Planning Commission? No one had expected the answer given by Premsai Singh Tekam. He quickly said, ‘Will plan to settle BJP’. The whole house was filled with laughter.

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danger zone

Election is near. Many reports of the survey are coming. However, in the report so far, there is no threat to the government. But the other side of the coin is that in the survey report about thirty MLAs of the ruling party are in the danger zone. Four ministers are also included in these. Among these ministers, there is a powerful minister coming from the general category as well as two tribal and one from the Scheduled Caste category. It is discussed that the ticket of these ministers can be cut. The mistake made by the BJP in the 2018 elections, it seems unlikely that the Congress will repeat it. Then eight ministers of the Raman government had lost the election. These included Amar Aggarwal, Ramsevak Paikra, Rajesh Moonat, Premprakash Pandey, Bhaiyalal Rajwade, Mahesh Gagda and Dayaldas Baghel. If Congress has to win the election, then it will have to ignore the lobbying of big leaders in ticket distribution and give tickets to winning faces. The Chief Minister has been keeping a close watch on the work of the MLAs from time to time. The mirror has been shown by giving reports to the MLAs. Some stayed. Calmed down Some were engrossed in the intoxication of power. It is obvious that the Nawabi of such MLAs is only for a few months. It does not seem that at present Congress will carry the losing MLAs.

BJP’s three factions

There was a time when the BJP used to corner the Congress on the issue of factional politics. Then BJP was in the government. There are factions in the ruling party too, but they hide. Many factions split while boiling in the opposition. Chhattisgarh BJP is also in the circle of factional politics. Earlier only two factions were considered in BJP. One Raman faction and the other Brijmohan faction. The leaders of the state were left divided between these two groups. Leaders like Vishnudev Sai, Dharamlal Kaushik, Rajesh Munat, Gaurishankar Agarwal were included in the Raman faction, while there were many leaders like Premprakash Pandey, Ajay Chandrakar, Shivratan Sharma, Ramvichar Netam in the Brijmohan faction. Beyond these two groups, a third group has been formed. This group belongs to the state president Arun Saw. Arun Sao stayed away from active politics of BJP for a long time. In the 2019 elections, when he became a Member of Parliament after getting a Lok Sabha ticket, active politics started again. On the basis of caste equation, the high command removed Vishnudev Sai and made him the state president. Arun Sau is a leader from ABVP, apparently now that his group is getting ready, there is a gathering of leaders from ABVP in this group. In the coming days, Saav faction will have its own influence between Raman and Brijmohan faction.

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