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Hall-e-Minister (1)Troubled by the flirtatious minister, the MD of a board got himself transferred. The MD was extremely troubled by the illegitimate orders of the minister. Even adding water to milk was understandable, but the MD’s order to supply only water instead of milk was not acceptable to him, so he thought it better to move away from Khadi Khaddar. Well, not every officer is so gentle that after getting upset with the minister, he chooses the option of transfer. Some are also a bit crooked. The minister has an officer from another department, who has kept him tight. The situation is that the officers are giving a lot of water to the minister and the minister is cursing the officer after drinking water. This department is such that, these days, it is trying hard to provide water to the common people. It is the money of the central government. The state government is looking after the work of implementation. Last time when the case of irregularities in the tender had erupted, then the House had to handle the matter. The tender was cancelled. The matter was resolved by giving it away, but the minister is still faltering. It is said that this time instructions have been received from above that if something goes wrong somewhere, the responsibility will be of the officer. This officer has reached the transfer only a few months back. with instruction. It is bound to be that he must have understood very well how to rein on the minister’s faltering. It is said that the officer has installed a CCTV camera inside his room, so that people standing outside can see and know what is going on inside. Here officers are seen insisting on transparency, on the other hand ministers have become transparent with their conduct. However, it is heard that the minister has spoken a lot about the officer with the state in-charge. The minister must have thought that the complaint would have an effect, but the situation turned out to be like three leaves of Dhaka. Don’t know how many times the minister must have scolded the officer every day in the trance of the black dark night. By the way, it is heard that there are many officers, who have blocked the mobile numbers of the minister, from the minister’s OSD, PA to other subordinates of the bungalow. Surely only officers could have fulfilled the wishes of the minister, but here the sky of wishes is surrounded by the clouds of disobedience. Poor minister! The officers did not treat him well. At least they would have respected the post and status.

Resignation offer! (2)

Even if the seriousness of a minister is not visible, but he is a minister. Honorable Minister has earned a lot of name for his work methods. earning fame gained pride. But when the officers in their own department did not leave anywhere, they reached the court of Wazir-e-Aala with a bouquet of complaints. It is said that a vigorous exercise was done to formulate a strategy of pressure. There was social pressure, there was also an offer of resignation. Subordinates tell that Wazir-e-Aala was already unhappy with the work of the minister. As if they were waiting for the minister himself to offer his resignation. It is said that as soon as the minister offered to resign. Wazir-e-Aala immediately said give it. Suddenly all the hangover of the minister went away. When the hangover subsided, the light of the mind lit up. Thought that even if the post of minister is lost, then what will be saved. Shockedly said, I have not brought my resignation. Wazir-e-Aala said okay, when you bring it, give it to the OSD. That is the day and today is the day. The minister came, but the resignation did not come. By the way, it is said that among the ministers whose scope of defeat is maximum, Hon.

Collector’s clout

The news is from the Durust district of Bastar, where a collector has put a complete check on the arbitrariness of the MLA’s family. The arbitrariness was also such that the government was getting embarrassed. The status and attitude was such that it was as if the entire district had got the property. A year ago, when the collector had given income in the district in the transfer, then there was a lot of arbitrariness. The MLA family had direct interference in the administrative work. It is said that like a film scene, people belonging to the MLA’s family would enter the collector’s room directly and return after hearing their order. Efforts were being made to dominate and show arrogance. It is said that when the stories of the MLA family started reaching the top in the form of stories, then the collector got the green signal. It has also been heard that the MLA’s family has complained about the collector several times to the high command. It is discussed that on these complaints, the MLA family has been told in a blunt reply, “You have lasted four years, now let the Collector go”.

Recommendation of ‘forced retirement’

The state government has recommended to the central government to give forced retirement to the suspended IPS GP Singh. Several cases including corruption have been registered against GP Singh. At present, he is on bail at this time. It is discussed that in the recommendation sent to the Center, the Home Department has made the comment of the Supreme Court the basis. On the other hand, GP Singh has filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the investigation of the cases registered against him by the CBI. Earlier, the Home Department had sent a recommendation to the Center for forced retirement of Mukesh Gupta and two other IPS officers. The recommendation was then rejected.


Recently, in the meeting of the Unified Command, there is talk of a senior officer of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) getting the CM’s hand. BSP is a public sector undertaking of the central government. Surely the officers there do not know the way of working of the CM. He did not attend the meetings, so he would not have given the answer in the manner in which he replied. It is said that the talk related to the Rowghat project was going on. Sir asked some questions. The answer of the BSP officer was very casual. On this only, the CM sahib rolled his eyes and reprimanded him fiercely. Till then the meeting was going well. The sudden rebuke didn’t take long for the officer to understand that this is not a normal meeting and neither is the person taking the meeting normal. I do not like laxity in work at all. When the officers attend the meeting next time, they will surely reach up to date.

carpet bombing

BJP is now walking out of meetings. After Amit Shah in Durg on 22 July, JP Nadda in Bilaspur on 30 July and Rajnath Singh in Kanker on 1 July, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Raipur on 7 July. The visits of central leaders, especially Prime Minister Modi, increase in those states where elections are to be held. BJP is calling it carpet bombing. Including Modi’s proposed tour, BJP has given its electoral income in Durg, Bastar, Bilaspur and Raipur i.e. four out of five divisions. Otherwise, till now it was the condition that the BJP leaders of the state were practicing playing front foot in a closed room. Forgetting that elections are not fought from the room but from the ground. However, with the arrival of big leaders, those leaders of BJP have also become active, whose routine included getting up in the morning, eating and drinking and then going to sleep. Dozing off was the only time reserved for politics. Now the sleep is breaking, so the land is visible. Survey reports are putting chilly in the eyes. Hope is only from Delhi. The leaders of Delhi will bring water and sprinkle it in the eyes, only then they can see clearly. At present, BJP is irrigating the land with the help of carpet bombing of central leaders.

What changed in Congress?

What changed the strategic meeting of Congress in Delhi? The answer to this question is simply that the present politics of the state has changed. TS Singhdev became the deputy CM. Achieved the official status of number two in the government. The way to cultivate Surguja has been opened. The second big thing which was recorded in the form that in the upcoming assembly elections to be held in the state, the Congress party will fight on the formula of Karnataka, in which there will be no face, everyone will contest the elections together. It is said that the conflict between the leaders was increasing. So this way was found that all the leaders should fulfill their full responsibility of their part and jump into the election battle. However, the question is also whether the victory in the election can be registered by merely ending the conflict between the leaders? At the time when the Congress high command decided that the elections in the state would be jointly contested, all the survey reports are showing that no political party has a bigger face than Bhupesh Baghel in terms of popularity in the state. Whether it is a farmer or a youth or whether it is a matter of caste equation, Bhupesh Baghel stands at the top of all equations. Electoral analysts say that in the state, Congress has to fight with Modi-Shah and not with the local organization of BJP. Congress’s strategy should be made keeping this in mind.

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