Power Center: SP’s ‘Glamour’…IFS’s handiwork…Kya-Kya in nine crores!…IAS award stuck…Ticket will be cut or saved!…- Ashish Tiwari

SP’s ‘Glamour’

That line of Adam Gondvi’s poem seems very fitting on the SP of a district, in which he says that ‘Jo Dalhousie na kar paya, woh ye hukkam kar denge’…SP sir understands something like this. Nowadays a lot of ballads are being read about the glamor of SP sahab. Recently, two monkeys had come to his bungalow. Who has control over the monkeys? But this raised the eyebrows of the sir. It is said that two constables doing bungalow duty were measured. Sir seems very strict. An order has been given that the vehicle of SP sahab may come back after walking for five kilometers. Wash the car again. So the drivers keep washing the vehicles several times a day. It is discussed that some rules have been made for the SP bungalow. For example: It will be prohibited to look at the orderlies working here, only constables who look well and live well will be deployed. etcetera The British left. While leaving, he left his English with this SP. Well, it is also said that more than two dozen constables are stationed at the bungalow. The master of the dog squad has been assigned the duty of taking care of the SP’s dog. Even if there is an incident in the district and there is a need for a dog squad, it waits for sir’s signal to go. No matter how big the event is. The care of sir’s dog is more important. SP sir is fond of eating, drinking and traveling. Even though there are six cooks in the bungalow, they come out two or four days a week. Subordinates tell that the place is vacated before Latsaheb reaches a restaurant-hotel. The style of traveling is told in such a way that he does not come to the office for three days. Sometimes they come to Mumbai, sometimes to Nagpur-Delhi by catching a flight. Higher officials don’t even get a clue. It is a matter of recent times. It is said that when the DGP called the SP. Then SP was chilling in Kanha. The DGP’s phone also became worth two pennies in his eyes. Didn’t even pick up the DGP’s phone. DGP just became DGP. SP has become ‘sir’.

Handiwork of IFS

The discussion of the complaint given to the police by a ranger working under a division is in full swing. Ranger’s complaint form is floating on the officers’ mobiles. This complaint has been given against a woman IFS in Kotwali, who is posted as DFO in that division. The content of the complaint is that- the woman IFS asked the ranger for home ration, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, chicken, biryani, children’s toys, curtains for the windows of the house and carpets to be laid on the ground. . Ranger spent about ninety thousand rupees on all these. If the amount spent on the massage of women IFS is added, then the ranger spent about one lakh two thousand rupees from his own pocket. Ranger is standing on the threshold of retirement, so one day he handed over a slip of one lakh two thousand rupees to the women IFS with the hope that the amount spent could be recovered. The money was not returned, the threat was definitely received. This IFS, who became the bearer of feudalistic culture, did not shy away from saying in her threat that she will get suspended by asking the minister and the PCCF. As if PCCF and ministers work on their instructions. Well, the ranger was in a hot temper. The matter was taken to the police station. Now the complaint form is viral. It is not known whether the amount will be returned or not, but the matter has reached the officers of the department. Ranger’s revolution before retirement is in discussion. Retirement is in June 2023. It is not a big deal if the name comes up in a mess in the next few months.

What in nine crores!

About a month ago, a labor conference was organized at the Science College ground in Raipur. Beneficiaries of government schemes gathered. A huge crowd turned up for the conference. The preparations for the conference were huge. There was a big dome. The big stage was decorated. Big leaders had gathered. In the conference, an amount of about Rs 47 crore was distributed to one lakh workers under various schemes through Direct Benefit Transfer. The government is worrying about the workers. It’s a good thing. This is the respect of the government to the labor force. However, when the conference got over and the file for payment of expenses ran, it was found that about nine crore rupees were spent on organizing the conference. About twenty percent of the amount distributed to the workers. How do officers sabotage even the good works of the government. This is one of his hallmarks. Now think what could have happened in nine crore rupees?

IAS award stuck

State Administrative Service officers are disappointed. The IAS award has not happened for two years. For IAS cadre, three posts for 2021 and four posts for 2022 i.e. total seven posts are vacant. IAS award is to be given to the officers of 2008 batch for these posts. The seniority list includes the names of Santosh Dewangan, Hina Netam, Ashwini Dewangan, Renuka Srivastava, Ashutosh Pandey, Saumya Chaurasia and Rita Yadav. It is said that such a situation has arisen due to not sending a proposal to the Center by the General Administration Department. Call it neglect of the General Administration Department or some other reason, there is only despair on the part of the officers. Generally, the DPC for IPS award has been happening only after IAS, but this will probably be the first time in the state, when the DPC for IPS award has happened and the state administrative service officers are looking towards the government for the IAS award. .

Will the ticket be deducted or saved?

Before jumping into the battle of 2023, there is a tussle going on within the political parties as to which of the existing MLAs will be denied ticket and who will be saved? Congress is in power with 71 MLAs, obviously ticket tussle is maximum in Congress. The MLA is confused whether he will be ready to take a front in the field in the upcoming elections or will come under the influence of change. From time to time, the MLAs have been shown the mirror through the survey report of the ruling organization. The mirror of politics is slightly different, whose face shines more, the ticket is cut for him. Whose face loses color. His ticket is confirmed. It’s a simple equation. The intention behind the color flying is due to his hard work. Now the question is that there are many of the sitting MLAs whose face is glowing. Obviously such MLAs will not measure. Meanwhile, in a discussion, the Chief Minister said that the condition of about 60 MLAs is fine, it can give some relief to those MLAs, who are assuming that their ticket will be cut. Karma is like that. However, there are many faces in the Congress, whose performance is not very good, but the political legacy is such that the party is compelled to give tickets.

When will the ticket be given to Gujarati?

Raipur North is the only assembly seat which understands the importance of the national anthem very well. It is written in the national anthem, Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha….Raipur North seat has given place to all of them. Current MLA Kuldeep Juneja is Punjabi, former MLA Srichand Sundarani is from Sindhi society, whose foundation is from Sindh. On the other hand, Sachchidanand Upasane, who belongs to the Maratha community, has contested from Raipur North seat, it is a different matter that he had to face defeat. In such a situation only Gujarat is left. Let’s see if a Gujarati candidate from any political party may get a ticket in the coming elections. Anyway, Gujarati society has a big base in Raipur North.

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