Power Gossip: Cheated Minister… Netaji on target… The hand came but the face did not touch… Sacrifice even in the fire… Officers wrote the President’s note… Discussion is in full swing…

(From the pen of Sudhir Dandotia)

cheated minister

At present, there is a competition among the leaders to organize the most famous Baba’s event in the country. A minister in Madhya Pradesh became a victim of fraud for an event in Baba’s court. The minister used all his strength to set up Baba Bageshwar’s court in his area. For this one-day event, the minister even made arrangements for a flying cot for Baba. He spent 14 lakh rupees on this, but at the last moment the air company became airborne and the flight did not reach Khatola. When the minister who was standing to receive Baba in the financial capital of the state came to know about it, he even threatened to recover four times the amount from the company, but the minister’s threat also did not have any effect. There Baba’s devotees were waiting in the Minister’s area, the number of Baba’s devotees is in lakhs. In such a situation, to make the event successful, the minister hastily made arrangements for another flying cot and the event which was supposed to start in the evening started late at night. Well, after reaching Baba’s area, the minister heaved a sigh of relief, because after Baba’s arrival, the minister is considering the election as a guarantee of victory. The minister believes that due to this Balaji has blessed him.

Netaji on target

The strong leaders of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh are currently on the target of the BJP and the Sangh. This Netaji has never lost an election in his life, so this time BJP has given special focus on this seat. Netaji had good relations with all the parties, which benefited him in every election, but this time due to the attitude of the Sangh, BJP has got the task of winning this seat at any cost. Due to the target of the Sangh, the responsibility of winning this seat has been given to the veteran leaders of BJP. This seat is being monitored from 6 Shyamala Hills itself. The Chief Minister himself is talking to influential people in Netaji’s area everyday. The Sangh has already opened its headquarters in Netaji’s area. Netaji is currently in the race for number 1 in Congress, at this time he has also got the command of other districts. In such a situation, there is a problem in front of Netaji whether he should work hard on his seat or on the seat of others.

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The hand came but the mouth did not touch

In the election year in Madhya Pradesh, the hopes of leaders and officers, who were thinking of earning money through transfers, remained cold. In the last cabinet, amidst the news of removal of ban on transfers by the government, fiercely booked for transfers. In the election year, they expected that a lot of wealth would be earned. But the guidelines issued regarding the transfers made all the wishes cold. The government removed the ban on transfers but within the district. In such a situation, there is not much left with the departmental ministers and officers. Above all, the CM gave strict instructions that only a limited number of transfers should be done. Leaders who are thinking of spending in the election year have got a lot of disappointment due to this. After this order, a minister’s assistant sitting at a minister’s place taking bookings for bulk transfers said to his friend that he heard the hand came but the mouth did not touch.

sacrifice in fire

In the fire in Satpura, the biggest administrative building in Madhya Pradesh, sacrifices are being made in the name of records. A similar act of extortion has come to the fore from two officials associated with the Health Department. After the fire in Satpura Bhavan, two assistant director label officers came to the office of the Honorable of the department in Bhopal to get information about their CR. These officers had already fixed the deal to get the CR corrected in the Hon’ble’s staff, but after the news of the fire, when these officers reached the Hon’ble’s bungalow, the Hon’ble’s special duty officer recovered Rs 2-2 lakhs from both the officers. Did it The officer on special duty knew that the record was completely burnt to ashes. In such a situation, this fire proved the saying that neither color nor alum was applied and the color had to come clean.

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Officers wrote the President’s note

The matter pertains to a well-known Municipal Corporation of Madhya Pradesh. Where the files got stuck in the midst of the tussle between the municipal chairman and the mayor to clarify the situation in the papers, the officers went to the mayor’s court and sat down, but could not find a way to move the stuck files forward. After a lot of effort, when no solution was found, the officers came up with a new idea and sent the files to the president after writing a note. The chairman was shocked to see the files, because the chairman’s note was already written on the files. In fact, the note to be written by the Speaker on the file was written by the officers only and the files were sent to the Speaker just to make the bird sit. The President was enraged by this act of the officers and the files were returned without signature. The matter also reached the strong minister of the government and the head of the organization. But those who besieged the Speaker even at the upper level could not succeed in their plans due to the officers’ case being recorded in the files.

discussion is in full swing

Before the elections, there is a flurry of promises of freebies in the country. While the Congress is going among the public with 5 guarantees, the BJP is still preparing its manifesto. The BJP is considering the Ladli Bahna Yojana as a game changer, but the 5 guarantees of the Congress still remain a problem. In such a situation, the manner in which the Chief Minister has announced to increase the amount in this scheme on the platform of Ladli Bahna, after that the discussion is in full swing that even before the elections, the government will take care of half the population of the state. For this, the Chief Minister can give a big gift on Raksha Bandhan and Deepawali regarding the announcement made by CM in Ladli Bahna. In this, preparations are being made to put the increased amount in the account of dear sister on Raksha Bandhan!

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