Power Gossip: Congressmen kept waiting, Gandhi family’s love for BJP minister… Son-in-law broke the pair of former minister and driver… TI’s working style became election issue of strong MLA… After rebuke, flood of transfers… discussion in full swing…

(From the pen of Sudhir Dandotia)

Congress kept waiting, Gandhi family’s love for BJP minister

Unfortunately, what happened to the emergency landing of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s plane, the big tribal leader got a chance to meet him at the airport. Cabinet ministers in the Modi government had reached Bhopal in the evening. When Rahul and Sonia left for Delhi by routine flight, Chand reached Bhopal to meet Central Government cabinet minister Kulaste in a VIP launch. After talking for a while, he came out smiling. The minister himself should know the secret of his laughter, but in the midst of all this, many leaders who were once special advisors of the Gandhi family had to wait for an hour even after sending visiting cards.

Son-in-law broke the pair of former minister and driver

A former minister holding a big department in the Kalamnath government removed his driver at the behest of his close relatives and staff. This close relative also looks after his entire work, now the driver is sad that the allegations leveled against him are baseless. But no one is ready to listen. The driver also reached the former minister to tell about the conspiracy that had happened to him, but he remained adamant on the decision of his close relative. Without listening, the driver who served for years was returned.

Power Gossip: Lo..IPS succumbed to dominance, big sir in small chamber…paper boat and rain water, will sink…friend or foe, brother-brother relationship and accounts…disappointment in front of Shah…healers only gave pain…discussion in full swing…

TI’s working style became the election issue of Kaddavar MLA

These days, the election issue in the Mahabharata-era city of Madhya Pradesh is nothing but the working style of the police station in-charge. From tehsil to the district, only one election issue has resonated among the people that the police station in-charge has picked up the three-time MLA ‘Raja’ from the public and made him sit at home. MLAs go to public programs or show activism like ‘King’, then FIR is registered against them. Once the MLA was lifted from the chair in the police station and made to stand with the people. The legislators are also seen mentioning these things in their statements. When the MLA is asked about his tenure, then the MLA tells the main reason for the lack of work in the area, the working style of the station in-charge. In their statements, the MLAs even say that the police station in-charge is ruling here, not the ‘king’. The big thing is that the BJP-Congress round of allegations and counter-allegations is going on in the entire district regarding this tussle. The news of the fight between the king and the police station in-charge is passed on to the ‘Maharaj’ in turn. Let us tell you that this historical and tourist city has become famous for the shooting of films and these days the shooting of the upcoming film Stree-2 is going on here.

Flood of transfers after rebuke

In the last few years, the Election Commission has been sitting morning and evening regarding the election preparations of Madhya Pradesh. The Election Commission got angry due to the delay in transfers and the officers not being able to sign the transfer orders. A call from the Election Commission that reached Bhopal from Delhi forced the officers to drink water in the humid heat. The matter was related to the election preparations of the state. That’s why the senior officers of the department also got scared. There was a lot of rebuke at the local level for the delay in the transfer order being issued before the 31st. The rebuke was so effective that within one evening, orders for quick transfers were issued till late in the night. It means that the election date may be far away, but the Election Commission is in its full form. There is a strict instruction to the local level sir also that he should not show any leniency in the election preparations.

Power Gossip: Minister-former minister troubled by the interference of the minister…Chicken in Sawan…Recommendation for loop line…Congressman at the time of Child Congress…Fierce confrontation between Congress leader and leader…Discussion in full swing…

discussion is in full swing

Priyanka Gandhi has come to Madhya Pradesh twice in the last one month. During this, Priyanka Gandhi addressed a big public meeting and there was competition among all the big leaders of MP Congress to speak from this platform, but one leader is so proud that he neither spoke anything in Jabalpur nor spoke anything from Gwalior platform. Just sit and watch everything. Leaders, who held the power of Madhya Pradesh for 10 years, made a lot of requests to give a speech in Gwalior Sabha, but this leader turned out to be stubborn, instead of speaking on the stage, he himself cut his name from the list with his own hands. Now the discussion is on in full swing inside the Congress that Raja Saheb did not feel bad about the matter in which it is said that the votes of the Congress get cut due to his speaking.


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