Power Gossip: Minister-former minister troubled by the interference of the minister…Chicken in Sawan…Recommendation for loop line…Congressman at the time of Child Congress…Fierce confrontation between Congress leader and leader…Discussion in full swing…

(From the pen of Sudhir Dandotia)

Troubled by minister’s interference, former minister

In Madhya Pradesh, local ministers and former ministers are angry with a loud-mouthed minister from Narmadanchal who has gone beyond his limits and interfered in other areas. The minister keeps shining officers and leaders for one of his relatives. Because of this, the morale of the relative is so high that he started showing arrogance only on the supporters of the local minister and former minister. His frustrated workers approached the Health Minister with a complaint regarding a similar matter. At the same time former ministers were also present there. Then what was it, both of them decided that the interference of the bigoted minister will not be tolerated in their area. The minister and former minister have decided to complain about this to the head of the state. This area is also the area under the influence of the head of the state.

Chicken in Sawan

Madhya Pradesh may be a victim of malnutrition, but the state’s bureaucracy in MP is not far behind in wasteful expenditure of the government’s money. The case pertains to a department related to health, when chicken was served in a press conference organized regarding the schemes of the government. The press conference was also held in the luxurious hotel of the city. The big question remained that the people for whom chicken was arranged, they themselves were seen refraining from eating chicken in the month of Sawan. Earlier also a minister of the previous government had served chicken in a similar event. There was a lot of fuss about it.

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Recommend for loop line

Officers always use jugaad system for field posting, but currently recommendations are being made for loop line posting in Madhya Pradesh. Elections are round the corner in Madhya Pradesh and large-scale transfers are to take place within the next 10 to 15 days. In Bhopal, 40 station in-charges and senior officers, who have been frozen for a long time, are set to be transferred. Now this sir is busy in getting his posting PHQ, he does not want another district. There are two reasons for this, the first reason is that he wants to avoid any political pressure at the time of elections and along with this, stay in the loop line instead of field postings during elections and later after the formation of the government, whichever government is formed. try to get back from

Congressmen of Bal Congress

Madhya Pradesh Congress is definitely busy in election preparations, but an adult office bearer of State Congress’s Child Congress is seen in the clubs of the city these days. Yes, these adult office bearers of Madhya Pradesh Bal Congress have become such party-goers that they are seen eating Jamphal in posh and elite clubs of the city in the morning and evening. In a gathering decorated with beauties, the style of the in-charge is made just by looking at it. The discussion is going on about how to make the Congress of Madhya Pradesh cultured in the PCC. In the midst of all this, if the in-charge only does this, then what the children will do, it can be understood. Please tell that the former Congress minister K Yuvraj is the leader of the Child Congress.

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Fierce confrontation between Congress leader and leader

Recently, there was a fierce verbal war between the head of the media department of Madhya Pradesh Congress and the woman leader. The result of this heated argument was related to interference in business. Netaji put Netri in hiding, but its side effects have started. Netaji sidelined a Congress spokesperson, who was considered very close to the woman leader, who used to drink water and abuse the head of the media, and this woman leader had been spying by putting this spokesperson behind the head of the media department. Now discussions about the story of the quarrel have become common.

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discussion is in full swing

The working style of the Collector of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is being discussed in full swing. These days the Collector is busy in improving the system. His aggressive style has created a stir among the employees. In the past, during surprise inspection at two such places, the Collector showed his style of doing his work by taking action against the employees who made purchases while on duty and were absent from duty. This working style of the Collector is being discussed fiercely in the public and the media. Along with this, there is a discussion that till when the collector will work in this style.


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