Prabhas Movies Are Not Successful After The Baahubali Franchise Because Of This Reason

Prabhas Movies: Prabhas is one of the highest paid actors of Indian cinema. He is the only actor who has given many Pan India films to the industry in the last few years. These Pan India films are made in the budget of 100-500 crores. Prabhas’s Bahubali franchise was a super hit. This film created a stir in the industry. It was not easy to beat the Bahubali franchise. But after Bahubali, his graph is going down. After Bahubali, none of his films proved to be a hit. Today we tell you about those reasons because of which it can be said that why Prabhas’s films are flopping.

creating a lot of hype before the film
Rajamouli, the director of Prabhas’s Bahubali, did a lot of promotion. A lot of hype was created for this film before its release. But this film also lived up to its hype. But after that this did not happen with any of Prabhas’s films. Even after promoting a lot, his films could not show amazing.

weak script selection
Whenever it comes to the script, the story of every Prabhas film is very weak, which fails to impress the audience. Due to not being able to do anything new in the content, it is unable to run at the box office.

Too much use of VFX in films
After Bahubali, a lot of VFX is being used in most of Prabhas’ films. These VFX give an artificial look to the film due to which the film has to face a lot of trolling. Prabhas’s recently released Adipurush also has some such scenes due to which the film is getting trolled a lot.

compared to other films
Prabhas’s graph has increased a lot since Bahubali. Whenever a new film of his comes, it is compared to Bahubali, due to which the content and writing of his film are criticized by comparison.

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