‘Prime Minister, why are you silent’? Congress raised 21 questions before PM Modi’s visit, CONG asked – where are 18 crore jobs in 9 years, when will 15-15 lakhs come in everyone’s account?

Raipur. In a political attack on PM Modi’s visit, the Congress has raised 21 questions. Congress communication chief Sushil Anand Shukla said, had promised in 2014, achhe din aayenge, but your tenure has proved to be the worst reign of the country.

Questioning the Congress, the BJP has asked that, there was a promise to reduce inflation in 100 days, why has it not reduced till now? When will 15-15 lakhs come in everyone’s account? How much black money was brought back from abroad in 9 years? There was talk of 2 crore jobs every year, where are the 18 crore jobs in 9 years?

Further questioning the Congress asked, when will the cylinders of Ujjwala gas beneficiaries be filled? How did the country’s debt become Rs 150 lakh crore? Prime Minister, when will you go to Manipur? why are you silent When will the pending reservation amendment bill be signed in Raj Bhavan? When will the people of Chhattisgarh get 55 thousand crore rupees for their rights?

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