Prisoners engrossed in Shiva devotion: construction of earthly Shivling in jail and Mahamrityunjaya chanting, improvement of prisoners, positive energy and resolve to renounce evils

Aqib Khan, Hata (Damoh). Jail Superintendent Nagendra Singh Chowdhary posted in Hatta Sub Jail of Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh is known for his innovations. Recently, the sensitive officers who got the innocent of the undertrial couple admitted to the school in the jail are now conducting religious events like Parthiv Shivling construction, Mahamrityunjaya chanting, Rudrabhishek etc. in the holy month of Shravan. Inmates are being given a pledge to reform and positive energy and to renounce evils.

In the program organized under the aegis of Pandit Sachin Krishna Shastri Ji Maharaj, along with the jail management, all the undertrial prisoners of Upjail Hata are worshiping with devotion. Due to the series of religious events since morning, the atmosphere of the sub-jail remains devotional. Apart from the prisoners, the family members who come to meet them are also happy with this commendable work of the jail management.

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Jail staff along with Jailor Nagendra Chowdhary and all the undertrial prisoners are actively participating in the religious activities like Parthiv Shivling construction and Rudra Abhishek etc. The jail management is participating with full enthusiasm in this program organized from 18 to 24 July.

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The women involved in the undertrial prisoners are very happy with this religious event of the jail management. Those who are making time meaningful by worshiping Lord Bholenath with devotion like their common life.

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