Prostitution in MP jail! Liquor-Ganja and Charas are supplied, serious allegations leveled against the MLA and his brother-in-law, the jail guard wrote a letter demanding action

BD Sharma, Damoh. Serious allegations have been leveled against Patharia MLA Rambai of Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh. Jail guard Ram Kumar Shakya, posted in the district jail, has accused of unethical activities in the jail. Prahari has given a written application to the District Legal Services Authority Judge. He says that he and his family are also being threatened with death. Immoral work is going on in Damoh District Jail under the patronage of Rambai. Brother-in-law Kaushalendra Singh alias Chandu Singh and many jail guards are doing unethical work in Rambai’s jail. Prostitution is going on in the jail along with the supply of alcohol, ganja.

Jail guard Ram Kumar Shakya says that I am posted in Damoh District Jail. Here Patharia MLA Rambai Singh Parihar’s brother-in-law Chandu Singh is lodged in jail. Wrong things are happening under his protection. Ganja, charas, opium, liquor are being made available in the jail by paying money. Even prostitution is happening. If someone opposes, he is harassed. One day in the evening I was on duty. At that time, 1 box of liquor had reached the jail. When I protested, I was attached to the Central Jail, Bhopal. I felt that unethical activities are happening in the jail, which should be stopped and hence I have now taken refuge in the court. I want this matter to be investigated and action should be taken against the culprits.

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What is written in the letter?

In the application written to the District Legal Services Authority Judge on behalf of the watchdog, it is written that only after my posting in the year 2019, unethical, unethical and suspicious activities continued to be conducted in the jail. In which Jail Chief Sentinel Pritam Head Sentinel, Rajni Prajapati Sentinel, Ashish Tiwari Sentinel, Pushpendra Chauhan Sentinel, Chandu alias Kaushalendra Singh’s father Rabbi Singh, in connivance with the undertrial prisoners in the jail and receiving money, the inmates of the jail are continuously being supplied with drugs like liquor, zarda, cigarettes and women for prostitution.

Brother-in-law of local Patharia MLA Chandu alias Kaushalendra Singh is also an undertrial prisoner detained in Damoh District Jail since 2019. Due to their administrative influence, all the above mentioned Chief Sentinels and Sentinels conduct such activities. Any jail guard or jail worker protesting is either transferred from the district jail or attached at the behest of Chandu Singh. Even according to my information, in Damoh District Jail, monthly from Rs 80 thousand to Rs 1 lakh, which runs on the payment by the prisoners.

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Most of the working cameras of the jail are either set on black points with the help of local jail guards or at the time of entry of women or prisoners’ wives, girlfriends or prostitutes, with the help of local jail administration, the cameras there are closed for that time. So that the camera does not record the time of their arrival or delivery of prohibited material.

In Damoh District Jail, local guards Ashish Tiwari, Pritam Head, Rajnin Prajapati, Pushpendra Chauhan used to take mobiles other than their own mobiles after 2 pm and go and provide them to Chandu Singh, Golu Singh and other money-paying prisoners. Due to which he uses them till the local guards are off duty and after the duty is off, the guards take those mobiles back. Even the brother-in-law of the local Patharia MLA has so much interference in the administrative and home ministry and jail administration that the duties of the guards are assigned and removed according to his orders.

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On the surprise raid in Damoh District Jail, in Ward No. 2, 3 and 4 of the Jail, prohibited items like liquor, zarda, cigarette, ganja, chillum, kadoms, mobile and cooking heater and facilities provided to the prisoners can be seized on the spot. I am a small honest dutiful jail worker. Ashish Tiwari has physically and mentally humiliated me to this level by abusing my mother and sister. I have no other option left except suicide. Due to which my small children will come on the road. Chief jail guards Pritam, Rajni, Prajapati, Ashish Tiwari and Pushpendra Chauhan and Bandi alias Kaushalendra should be held responsible for this. Action should be taken against the culprits responsible for the illegal activities of Damoh District Jail.

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