Protest against Manipur incident in CG: Bastar division remained closed today, Chamber of Commerce gave support

Sushil Salam, Kanker / Shiva Yadav, Sukma. Regarding the incident in Manipur, today all the tribal society has called a bandh in Bastar division, the effect of which was visible in Kanker and Sukma districts. All the seven blocks of Kanker district remained closed spontaneously. Widespread effect of the bandh was also seen in Sukma district. The Chamber of Commerce has also supported the bandh of Sarva Adivasi Samaj.

People have been protesting against the incident in Manipur by keeping their shops closed since morning. On the other hand, a day before, hundreds of tribal women burnt the effigies of Union Ministers in Kanker. Significantly, since the incident came to light, the youth of the society have been continuously protesting.

Yogesh Nareti, president of youth division of Sarva Adivasi Samaj, told that the incident of horrific violence against women in Manipur is condemnable. The silence and inaction of the Prime Minister on this incident has pushed Manipur towards anarchy.

Widespread impact of bandh in Sukma district as well

In protest against the atrocities on tribals in Manipur, all tribal society has called for bandh in Bastar division. Widespread effect of bandh was seen in Sukma, Dornapal, Konta, Tongpal. The youth of the tribal society are roaming around getting shops closed. All business establishments are completely closed. At the same time, police have been deployed regarding the security system.

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