Put horseshoe on the doorstep of the house, know its benefits…

Raipur. In astrology, other metals including gold, silver, iron have their own religious importance. It is believed that each metal is related to some or the other planet and deity. One of these metals is an iron metal. Iron metal is very dear to Lord Shani. That’s why it is said that nothing made of iron should be brought home on Saturday, otherwise Shani can become the cause of the defect. But by wearing or hanging the horseshoe on this day, even a poor person becomes rich.

Every person wants that negative energy should not reside in his house. Due to the positive environment of the house, not only does the wealth increase, but the family members also remain physically healthy. If you also want to be financially prosperous and want to remove the negativity from the house, then definitely try the horse shoe remedy.

benefits of horse shoe

According to astrology, it is believed that Shani Dev is pleased with those who work hard. This is the reason why the cord on the leg of a horse that runs a lot gets worn out. A worn cord provides energy. By applying the cord at the door of the house, wealth, happiness and prosperity remain. Stay away from evil eye. The placenta should be placed in the shape of the letter U of the English alphabet. But only the cord of a black horse is effective, which has worn out a lot, that is, has run a lot.

How to apply horseshoe

First of all, you should buy the horseshoe. By the way, you can get the horseshoe made from the blacksmith or you can also bring it from the market.
Get up in the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath and wash the horseshoe with the water of the Ganges. After this, when the horseshoe becomes wet, God should dry the horseshoe with the rays of the sun. By doing this, the horseshoe will be filled with positive energy. Now after this take the horseshoe to the temple and keep it in front of Goddess Lakshmi. After that first worship Goddess Lakshmi with kumkum and rice and then worship the horseshoe.

wear horseshoe ring

The use of horse shoe rings is considered very auspicious in every field. Generally it is used to ward off the malefic effects of Shani and evil spirits. That’s why it is also called Saturn’s ring. It is considered good to wear it in the middle finger of the right hand. Because Shani Parvat is under this finger. Happiness, wealth and prosperity comes in the life of the person who wears it.

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