Railway Minister… The new RPF sir needs jawans to guard in his private bungalow in 3 shifts, cooks to cook for 2 times… Jawans are asking whether we should do duty while hungry?

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. In the South East Central Railway, the new RPF has gone one step ahead of the old RPF sir… further because he used to go only for picnics, but the new sir did not leave even the cook appointed for the jawans… Alam is that the staff of Bilaspur Railway Division are now saying in suppressed tongue that should we do duty while hungry?

Not only this, the new sir lives in his private bungalow. But they want all the government facilities of the Railways in this bungalow. Now, how will such a firm master of rules justify that what is the provision for imposing duty in 3 shifts even in private bungalows? While Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav is constantly trying to end the British era bureaucracy in Railways, but the new RPF boss has dashed all the hopes of the Railway Minister.

As a matter of fact, the younger and younger sir has also done everything possible and he needs a cook to cook food for 4 people in his bungalow, who has been kept for cooking food for the RPF jawans.

Although no jawan has raised his voice so far due to fear of the Honorable, but lalluram dot com Have conveyed this message till now.

Burns his petrol and goes to duty

Expressing their anguish in the message sent to Lalluram, the staff has also told that Saheb’s private bungalow is 8-10 kilometers away. They have to burn petrol of their own money and go to the sir’s private bungalow to do duty.

However, it is a matter of investigation for the RPF DG and the Ministry of Railways that what are the provisions in which duty is being made to the staff even in the private bungalow of the RPF (RPF) sir… Not only this, one of the staff also said that when we have to take permission to stay in our house, has the new sir taken permission to stay here and enjoy all the facilities of the railway?

Since sir is the most senior in the post… That’s why RPF family expects justice from Ministry of Railways and RPF DG only.

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